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Many people discover that lowering the seat height (which lowers their center of gravity) increases stability so they are safer at higher speeds. Recumbent trikes (right picture) also offer more comfort with a wider, softer seat and a backrest. As a result, recumbent trikes are gaining popularity. Although the Worksman PAV-3 is a step in the right direction, a wide variety of recumbent and semi-recumbent trikes are available. (Click here for even more variety.) Few electric recumbents are available as complete trikes. So, you will likely need to get a kit and install it onto the trike of your choice. For example, the Electro Cycle E-4 drive kit, designed to fit Sun Bicycles EZ-3 and X3, may be adaptable to other recumbent trikes.

Although stable when stopped or when ridden straight ahead, standard upright adult tricycles tend to tip when turning at "high" speeds. To avoid that tipping, electric trike speeds are usually limited to about half of e-bike speeds. If you want more stability, check the Worksman PAV-3 or Easy Racers' EZ-3. Recumbent trikes with two wheels in front may also be an option.

If you already own a trike that you want to electrify, consider these kits:

EZ-3 trike with electric drive

The comfortable and stable EZ-3 from Easy Racers is an excellent choice for transportation. The recumbent design reduces wind resistance and greatly increases comfort and safety over a standard upright trike. Like most recumbents, the EZ-3 is safer in two important ways: 1) sitting closer to the ground means that falls to the side hurt a lot less and 2) in a head-on collision, your feet in front prevents a head-first fall over the handle bars. It's long frame also allows for additional batteries for longer range.

One approach is to find and fit a drive system. A hub motor seems like a natural fit, but that 16" wheel is challenging. Here are a couple of options:

  • The Electric Bike Factory offers a kit that can be mounted to the front wheel. Although they offer a slower speed kit for tricycles, an EZ-3 is safe at the 15 mph speed of their regular/two-wheel model. Also, ask about their two-motor model. The friction drive may be a bit iffy on wet surfaces, but the power is solid.
  • The Electro Cycle E-4 kit offers through-the-gears drive which provides both good hill climbing and top-end speed.

Electro Cycle E-4 Kit for EZ-3 Recumbent Cycles

Combine an EZ-3 recumbent trike with a 500-watt drive system to get an extraordinary electric trike. The lowered seat and feet-ahead design of these trikes provide a comfortable, stable and safe ride. The Electro Cycle E-4 takes advantage of the bike's gearing to deliver great hill-climbing ability along with higher speeds - not just one or the other like most electric bikes and hub motor kits. Most electric drive systems directly drive a wheel. The E-4 mid-drive motor system works in tandem with the rider's pedaling through the 8-speed rear derailleur, significantly increasing motor and battery efficiency for higher assisted speeds and better pulling power. The power-on-demand drive system means no pedaling is required, but your effort will extend the range and increase the acceleration and top speed. The stock E-4 battery pack can be fully re-charged in about 4 hours with the included charger.

This comfortable and streamlined recumbent from Easy Racers is excellent for transportation. The recumbent design reduces wind resistance and greatly increases comfort and safety over a standard upright trike. Recumbents are safer in two important ways: 1) sitting closer to the ground means that falls to the side hurt much less and 2) in a head-on collision, your feet in front provide shock absorption and prevent the head-first fall over the handle bars common in such collisions. It's long frame also allows for additional batteries, if needed, for longer range.

The similar two-wheeled EZ-1 is the most popular recumbent on the market, largely due to its excellent reputation and low price. The three-wheeled EZ-3 provides the same great features with a stable, no-balancing-required configuration.

Other Features:

  • 24-volt High Output Battery Pack
  • 18 MPH Cruising Speed (without pedaling, faster with pedaling)
  • Unassisted range up to 10 miles with the standard battery pack
  • Quick Acceleration
  • Amazing Hill-Climbing ability
  • Weight: motor and gearing = 7 lbs.; battery pack = 20 lbs.
  • Warranty: motor drive system = 6 months; batteries = 90 days

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Although the Electro Cycle E-4 drive kit is designed to fit Easy Racers' EZ-3, it may be adaptable to other recumbent trikes.

Electro Cycle E-4 - (including motor mount)
Sun EZ-3 trike (red/black or blue/black)
Fenders for EZ-3
Basket for EZ-3 (fits rear of seatback)
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Available from:

Electric Bike Factory

At last an Electric Bicycle that is affordable. If you already have a bike or tricycle, the new Electric Bike kits come with instructions for EASY assembly for the do-it-yourselfer or can be installed by any bicycle shop. The Electric Bike Kit is made right here in the U.S.A. With all U.S.A. made parts. The kits are available direct from the Electric Bike Factory in Florida. The new Electric Bike is made with a battery that will provide constant power to the motor at top speed of 15 MPH for two wheel bikes, 10 MPH for the tricycle. We also sell bikes with the kit already installed.

"We manufacture electric motor kits for bikes, trikes and joyrider. Our motor is not an exchange for ZAP's DX kits. We designed our own kit. It is a friction drive. We have a front wheel and rear wheel model. It is a simple one bolt bracket that mounts our motor to a trike or bike frame. Our motor fits all trikes and most bikes. We make 2 metal size rollers. The large roller on bikes gives about 14-15 mph and on trikes 12-13 mph. The small roller on trikes gives about 8-10 mph. We also make a double motor (although in most cases it is not necessary) for trikes that is one of the most powerful kits on the market. It is not faster, but it is great for climbing hills or inclines. Our kit is the easiest kit to install and Trailmate Co. is recommending us to their dealers."

Electric Bike Factory, 14250 A & W Bulb Road, Fort Myers, FL 33904
Tel: (239) 415-2223, Fax: (239) 415-1121

Heinzmann Bikes and Kits

Heinzmann of Germany builds a variety of hub motors both in wattage rating and gearing for both front and back wheels. Unlike many kits that perform to specification only on 26" wheels, Heinzmann offers 16"- and 20"-wheel kits. The quality and dependability of their system is excellent. They sell a complete kit or individual components. Their hub is used on the EV Global bike as well as others. Their controller is a twist grip throttle that comes both in a Pedelec, (must be pedaling) and an EBike version.

Light Electric Vehicle Technologies provides service and warranty work on Heinzmann motors sold in the U.S. To contact the National Service Center, e-mail Light Electric Vehicle Technologies with technical questions.

Heinzmann Motors is more than 100 years old. The company has been building electric motors for 40 years, and electric bicycle motors since 1994.

Here's a note from someone who seems to know: "You are correct in that the Heinzmann hubs with high torque have lower top speed. However, Heinzmann is the best electric choice I know of for good torque. They are being used on Pedicabs that haul up to 4 people around fairly steep environments. You can select the gearing and voltage options you wish from about 12 configurations now available from dealers in North America. These include hubs with very high torque and ones that achieve high top speeds as well as good compromise units."

For additional information and photos, visit http://cyclesmaximus.com/electricassist.htm

MANUFACTURER: Fritz Heinzmann GmbH, zHd. Frau Geppert, Am Haselbach 1, 79677 Schönau, GERMANY
Tel +07673 - 82 08 22, Fax +07673 - 82 08 94

Available from:
EV Gateway, 404 S Arthur, Pocatello, ID, 83204, 888-314-5388

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