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Accessories for standard bicycles - and advances in bike technologies - combine with electric bikes to create flexible and utilitarian vehicles. Consider the following options for your life:

- Trailers, baskets, and kiddie haulers add extra cargo or child-carrying space.
- Tandem bicycles carry two people (or, with a kiddie seat, three).
- Recumbents allow the rider to recline for comfort, safety, and speed.
- Tricycles or trikes are 3-wheelers for adults (or check out e-trikes).
- Folding bicycles can go most anywhere with you.
- Velomobiles are enclosed bikes/trikes with weather protection and cargo space.
- Workhorses are specially built cargo bicycles and pedi-cabs.
- Disabilities are not a 'show stopper' when it comes to riding.
- Ride without pavement: rails, sand, snow, ice, and water
- Bicycle lighting you can make inexpensively, plus info on bells, horns, and other safety devices
- Bicycle Locks and Alarms deter theft.
- Variety of parts and technologies (fairings, seats, tires, tools, etc.) for any application.
- Parts are easily accessed over the Web.
- Bicycle Lockers and Racks offer secure parking.
- Additional information is available over the Web.

The following is only meant to give you a sense of what's possible. Shop around on-line (see "Parts & Accessories via Cyberspace") or talk with the experts at your nearest bike store or bicycle club.


KidzTandems (from Brown Cycles of Grand Junction, CO). These are one-of-a-kind custom builds provide quality, together-time and enjoyment for you and your youngsters! The adult controls - steering, braking, gearing - are in the back, allowing the child to pedal and enjoy viewing everything that's coming up. This also allows you to see what they are up to and talk a lot more freely.
Front of bike will accommodate toddler 1-4 years old (With Quick-change child seat) or youngster 4-7 yrs old (with traditional bike seat). Other replacement options for the front include large basket (for groceries or a dog), a kid's recumbent seat, and various handlebar options. Brown Cycles, 549 Main Street, Grand Junction CO 81501, 970-245-7939, http://kidztandem.com/tandems.htm

Bakfiets Cargobike can haul cargo, kids and dogs up front. Get the rain cover to handle inclement weather. (Bakfiets is pronounced "Bach-feets".) Bakfiets Cargobike
[Editor's Note: We don't suggest putting the Stokemonkey or other motor kit on Bakfietsen because the high-speed downhill braking dynamics of those bikes are a little scary. If a rider can't pedal up the hill, perhaps they shouldn't be coming down the backside either.]

American Cruiser offers a variety of 3-wheeled recumbents including a tandem (pictured). http://americruiser.com/
Check these sites for a variety of tandem styles:

  1. Tandems East, 86 Gwynwood Drive, Pittsgrove, NJ 08318, 609/451-5104, http://www.tandemseast.com
  2. Santana Cycles, a leading maker of tandems, offers independent pedaling, www.santanatandem.com/
  3. Bike Friday offers folding tandems. "Great riding bikes that travel in a suitcase." http://www.bikefriday.com
The CycleMorph Tandem Adapter turns your standard bike into a rigid-frame tandem in 10 minutes or less, with no tools. It simply attaches to the rear of your bike at the seat post and rear dropouts using quick releases. That's a red CycleMorph in the photo below. [Editor's Note: The CycleMorph is no longer available.]

From front to rear, that's a tandem bike followed by a red CycleMorph, a trailer bike (or tag-a-long) and a tot trailer.
WOW! Do you need an 18-wheeler drivers license to steer this bike?

To create an adult/child tandem using your current bike, check the Kiddie Haulers section which includes child seats, trailers, trailercycles, and tandem links. The photo on the right depicts one of several options. The mother is using the popular Xtracycle, an add-on that extends the rear of the bike. With options, she can safely carry her child behind in addition to groceries.
Click here for photos of a mom with two children behind.
Click here for photos of a dad with daughter and groceries behind.

For an introductory article on tandems, see: http://sheldonbrown.com/tandem

Here's a quarterly tandems-only magazine "for anyone who ever thought a bicycle built for two might be more fun than riding alone." http://www.doublemagazine.com


Comfort is the keynote here. Recumbent riders report significantly fewer (factor 4 fewer) back and hand pains than riders of standard bicycles. (Bicycling magazine, Jan./Feb. 1998, p. 32). Improved safety comes from three recumbent features: 1) the ability to put both feet on the ground while sitting on the seat reduces the number of falls, 2) sitting close to the ground means shorter, less painful falls to the ground, and 3) feet forward position reduces head-first falls over the handlebars in head-on collisions.

Velomobiles (or streamliners) are recumbents with enclosed bodies that both reduce air drag and protect the rider. Add an electric motor and the vision of a PEV is fulfilled.

Lightning Cycle Dynamics, comfortable, fast, safe; http://www.ihpva.org/com/LCD

Recumbent Barn's Blackbent comes in various configurations and sizes (under- and over-seat steering, with and without front suspension). Good prices too. http://www.recumbantbarn.com/blackbent

American Cruiser offers a variety of 3-wheeled recumbents designed for people with physical problems but useful by all. http://americruiser.com/

People Movers, variety of recumbent bikes (including assistance in buying/selling used ones) 714/633-3663, http://www.recumbent.com

Easy Racers; "Proven comfort, quality, and speed", four models

Rans is another respected name: www.rans.com

Vision Recumbents, "Comfort ... without compromise." http://visionrecumbents.com

BikeE recumbents, http://www.bikee.com

Bike Friday offers the SatRday Folding Recumbent http://www.bikefriday.com/

Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine: http://www.rtrmag.com

Wide listing of recumbents from around the world:


TerraTrike and Sidewinder

Terra Trike test rides at:
North Kent Schwinn, 4336 Plainfield NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525,
(616) 363-0705, (888) 430-BIKE, e-mail: NKSchwinn@aol.com
Manufacturer: 529 W. Clinton St.Hastings, MI 49058(mailing address only)
(616) 940-1909, http://www.wizwheelz.com/

The Windcheetah is another 3-wheeler: www.windcheetah.co.uk

Trailmate offers several 3-wheelers: www.trailmate.com

And yet another: http://www.angletechcycles.com/products/bikes/trikes/index.htm

Sidewinder Cycle, capable of turning in its own radius, represents the end of compromise between comfort and performance.
Sidewinder Cycle, 9018 Balboa Blvd. #334, Northidge, CA 91325
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 16911 Encino, CA 91416
Phone: 818-717-9104; e-mail: UU@Cityglance.com

Optima Horizontal Bikes from Europe. Fast Dutch recumbent bikes and one trike.

Trimuter recumbent trikes, 620 13th street, Highland Il 62249, 1-618-654-4323

Inspired Cycle Engineering offers the Trice, a tricycle recumbent with considerable advantages over a bicycle recumbent in traffic where one is constantly starting and stopping.

Greenspeed: The 2 front/1 rear wheel layout and low center of gravity of a Greenspeed trike offers complete stability. It can be easily ridden by people of all ages and abilities. We offer several models: solo, tandem, and hand-powered, summarized in the table below. Plans are also available for the GT 16/20 child's trike, the GTR 20/20 touring trike and the GTS 20/20 sports tourer. GREENSPEED, 69 Mountain Gate Drive, Ferntree Gully, VIC 3156, AUSTRALIA, Phone: +61 3 9753 3644

For other specialty bikes, see Disabilities call for different designs below.

Leitra is a three-wheeled, all enclosed bicycle (velomobile) for about $6000. http://www.leitra.dk/

For a list of recumbent manufacturers: http://www.bikeroute.com/BentSources.html

Check out the weird, wonderful world of Recumbent Trikes - A survey of 3-wheelers from around the world, past and present: http://home.mindspring.com/~kb7mxu/

To buy, sell or trade your 'Bent, check:

Also, for improved performance and comfort, see "Fairings" under Variety of parts and technologies below.

Ask questions on the newsgroup alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent. Also take a look at the bents at http://www.bikeroute.com/Recumbents. They're all there along with many of the needed resources and much discussion! For a healthy selection of used bents, check http://www.bikeroute.com

Have a little information overload: http://www.recumbents.com/database.htm
You'll also find **free** recumbent classifieds filled with used 'bents!

For Recumbent Bikes, Recumbent Plans, Recumbent Trikes, and many other useful topics, see the source guide at the International Human Powered Vehicles Association (IHPVA):

Check out Bill Pattersons post on 11/16 "Bike Design day" at Cal Poly
Univ. http://www.calpoly.edu/~wpatters/


Skoot (pictured above) is the unique cycle which transforms into a case. Skoot packs away completely within its integral case within 30 seconds. www.skoot.com

Birdy, compact folding bike from Burley, http://www.burley.com

Brompton, "The Brilliant British Folding Bicycle", http://www.bromptonbike.com

In addition to regular folding bikes, Bike Friday offers the SatRday Folding Recumbent and folding tandems. "Great riding bikes that travel in a suitcase.", http://www.bikefriday.com

Slingshot, "Performance bikes that fold", http://www.slingshotbikes.com

Montague offers a full-size, folding bicycles (including a tandem), http://www.montagueco.com

Strida (pictured to the right) offers a folding bike with a rust proof, greaseless drivebelt: http://www.strida.us/

Peregrine Bicycle Works offers 3 models: Trekking (a comfortable commuting and adventuring bike), MTB (a quick-handling mountain bike with an extra-stout frame.), and Road (a top quality folding road bike with drop bars and RSX/STI shifter/levers.) http://www.pbwbikes.com

Caribike costs $250, folds fast (but not small), and does the job much of the time. http://www.caribike.com

Swift Folder may be the easiest folding bike around: www.swiftfolder.com

Find more information about folding bicycles in general at The Folding Society.

Folders are also covered in the source guide at the International Human Powered Vehicles Association (IHPVA):

For a user's report on taking bikes on planes, trains, buses, boats, etc. Also, lots of stuff on rentals, **folding bikes**, boxing, airlines, and railroads around the world. Notes on how to ride in/out of about 120 airports. http://www.GFOnline.org/BikeAccess/

Subject: Re: Feedback from Brompton & Bike Friday Riders
From: Peter Rathmann prathman@home.com
Date: Wed, 08 December 1999 01:39 AM EST

Larry Webber wrote:
> I would appreciate any feedback from owners on their
> good/bad experiences and opinions of the Brompton
> and Bike Friday bikes. My wife and I are thinking
> of enlarging our "fleet" to include folding bikes
> to be used for short distance while traveling by
> train and rented auto.

I'm a happy owner of a Bike Friday, but for your intended purpose I'd recommend the Brompton. I prefer the Friday since I also use it for longer rides, such as centuries, while on vacations or other trips. However, it is definitely not as quick-folding or as compact as the Brompton. BTW, for traveling with a car I wouldn't use either. I can pop the wheels off my regular bike at least as fast as I can fold a Brompton and much faster than my Friday. With the wheels off it fits easily in the trunk of a subcompact with room for some other luggage.


Velomobiles are aerodynamic, fully (or nearly so) enclosed bikes/trikes. Think "micro car". Some have fairings which are removeable for fine weather, others are of monocoque design. Some have the option of motor assistance to extend their range and make hills easier.

For additional photos and information on velomobiles, visit the North American Velomobilist Website at http://www.velomobiles.net/.   Find a world-wide survey of three-wheeled velomobiles at http://home.mindspring.com/~kb7mxu/trikes5.htm

Primarily designed as a commuter vehicle, the Aerorider's electric drive assist supports speeds up to 50 km/h but can be limited depending on national legislation. Because it has 3 wheels and full bodywork, the driver is not obliged to wear a helmet. Currently (2006) hand-manufactured in the Netherlands and priced (with delivery) under $10,000, it's available from Aerorider BV, http://www.aerorider.com/   It's 600-watt motor and aerodynamic shape combine to offer a 28 mph top speed without pedaling; pedaling increases top speed, acceleration and range. Watch the 2-minute video showing the Aerorider in action. Good soundtrack, too. Aero Rider is now available in Southern California. Take a test drive today. Call 1-213-810-8842 for a reservation. http://www.velota.com

Rumor says the Go-One3 folks plan to electrify their aerodynamic vehicle: http://www.go-one.de/ukindex.shtml
For a quick overview of the fastest velomobiles in the world, visit http://www.speed101.com/gallery/
Here's the "Human Powered Vehicle 24 Hour Record" holder: http://www.adventuresofgreg.com/HPVMain.html Here's a video report on the fastest human powered bicycle: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5V2FgwN_re4


Workhorses can take many forms from relatively simple, low-cost trailers to state-of-the-art pedicabs. Over one hundred years of design evolution mean there is probably a bike which suits your particular application.

The definitive site for information on carrying loads by human power:
Manufacturers of work vehicles (trailers, pedicabs, trikes, quads, etc.) are listed at:

Cargo Bicycles
human-powered cargo units
Center for Appropriate Transportation, 455 W. 1st Street, Eugene, OR, 97401

Service and Utility Vehicles
Worksman Trading Company constructs 25,000 industrial bicycles, tricycles, and carts designed for the factories, ice cream vendors and urban delivery services of the world.
Worksman, 718/322-2000 NY

Pedi-Cabs . . .
Found in some urban tourist cities; driver plus two passengers
Main Street Pedi-Cabs 303-295-3822 CO, http://www.pedicab.com
Rideable Bicycle Replicas 510/769-0980 CA

Pictured above is the Hybrid Electric Pedicab (HEP) from ZEV Technologies, P.O. Box 6371, Syracuse, NY 13217-6371, Voice/Fax: (315) 635-5345; http://www.zevtech.com/

Kronosport offers 4 models of people- and cargo-moving pedicabs.

Rhoades Car offers several Human Powered Vehicles: one seat, two seat, and four seat. Pictured is the Quad Recumbent Pedal Car. http://www.4wc.com/

Disabilities call for different designs

A handcycle is a tricycle that you pedal with your hands. Intrepid Cycles provides high quality handcycles and recumbent trikes. They researched and experimented with steering geometry for almost two years to develop a design that separates steering forces from the cranking forces. This means that you can crank as hard as you like and not swerve in a turn. In addition to their high quality handcycles and recumbent trikes, they also provide useful technical information on handcycling and recumbents.
Intrepid Equipment LLC, 4065 Haines St, San Diego CA 92109, 505-217-1845, Toll Free 800-693-5082, http://www.intrepidequipment.com, info@intrepidequipment.com

Penninger Recumbents offer the Traveler Trike as a bridge for the rider with disabilities that lets them continue to ride. Traveling in a relaxed "laid-back" manner is a key feature of this recumbent (LWB, ASS) delta trike. Ease of use and the body cradling padded sling seat make for a very nice ride. Stability is positive with one or two hands on one or both of the lever controls for steering, shifting, and braking. A low center of gravity provides excellent handling. All aspects of this trike are rock solid with hi-quality TIG-welded cro-moly frame work and alloy controls. The baked on powder coat finish insures that this trike will last. Touring is what it's all about with the Traveler.

- parky@netzon.net (Jim Wetherell) 2/13/00 12:09:33 AM Pacific Standard Time
Penninger Recumbents, 950 State Avenue St. Charles, Illinois 60174, 630-377-1696 fax-377-1703 800-373-1696

The Invacare® Top End® Excelerator XLT 2000™ Handcycle has been engineered for total competitive performance. Invacare Top End, Sports & Recreation Products, 4501 63rd Circle North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, TEL: (727) 522-8677, FAX: (727) 522-1007, 1-800-532-8677

The Freedom Rider by Brike Int. Ltd. is a hand powered cycle you steer by leaning your body. It combines the fun of cycling and the benefits of an upper-body workout with the thrilling sensation of slalom skiing. Riding these bikes, three world-class athletes set a world record when they handcycled 13,026-miles around the world.

Call FREEDOM RYDER: 1-800-800-5828
or call Steve at FREEDOM RYDER, COLORADO: 1-800-991-2790

Palmer Industries offers an Adult Handcycle and a Kids Handcycle. You can get an electric assist for the adult version.

Find various bikes and adaptors for wheelchair folks at:

Check out the recumbents above also.

Other mobility-impaired equipment: http://www.gallaudet.edu/~kjcole/Bike/others.html

Ride without pavement:
rails, sand, snow, ice, and water

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF RAILCYCLING! Imagine pedaling silently along a bicycle trail where there are no steep hills, the pathway is glassy smooth, and the scenery is new and interesting. Railcycle, 4325 Webster Street, Coeur D' Alene, Idaho 83815
PHONE NUMBER: 208.676.8470, E-MAIL ADDRESS: railcycle@nidlink.com

Railcycles are also covered in the source guide at the International Human Powered Vehicles Association (IHPVA):

Want to ride on sand or even snow? Chosen by the U. S. Army's 1st Tactical Studies Group, the Extreme Terrain Bike's massive 10-inch-wide tires enable the Hanebrink to traverse sand, a desert environment, or even snow.
HANEBRINK, P.O. Box 3162, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Tel 909.585.1044, Fax 909.585.1027

ICEBIKE web site is dedicated to the winter cyclists, who brave ice and snow and cycle for transportation, recreation, or competition in winter. http://www.icebike.org

"Hydrobikes go faster, ride easier, maneuver better and give you surprising stability in the water." HydroBikes, (888)403-9012, info@hydrobikes.com

Locks and Alarms deter theft.

As a general rule, the heavier and more expensive the lock, the less likely that a thief will take your bike. If you live in a high-theft area, consider one of the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit locks. Individual components can be protected with specialty locks like those from Pinhead Locks.

The other approach to prevent theft is some sort of alarm system. The Undercover wireless bicycle burglar proof device has 2 parts: one is the Master that cyclists will carry around and the other one, Slave, is hidden underneath the bottle cage of cyclist's bike. Both "search" and "alarm" funtions are incorporated. Both the Master and Slave will alarm cyclists with siren up to 100db when someone moves cyclist's bike.


Here are just some of your choices.
shock absorbers: front, rear, seat
tires: road, mountain bike, cross (road and country), airless, flat-resistant options (e.g. Slime)
frames: regular ("safety"), tandem, recumbent, full suspension, road, trail, town
frame materials: steel, aluminum, Cro-Mo, graphite, metal matric composite
brakes: coaster, caliper, center pull, cantilevered, V-brake, disk (cable or hydraulic)
drive trains: more gears, automatic shifting, 7-speed internal hubs, electric motors
lights: incandescent, halogen, metal halide, LEDs, helmet-mounted, braking (User review.)
locks: U-type, cable, electronic/alarm
carriers: baskets (rigid and folding); panniers (front, rear, seat, frame); child seats
trailers: two wheels (kids, groceries); one wheel (off road, surfboard)
travel cases: hard & soft for shipping via airline, train, or UPS
bike racks for cars: front mount, rear mount, roof mount, ball-hitch mount, truck-bed mount
protection from animals: pepper spray

Fairings (aka "windshields")

[Editor's Note: A fairing can get ripped off if left on a bike being transported by car. Some models take a few minutes to remove.]

Zzip offers clear windshields for most bikes. They greatly reduce wind resistance.
• Little obstructs your view of the road • Freedom from road debris
• Gives you place to mount rear view mirror, lights, flashers (important on Under Seat Steered Bents)
• Helps you in headwinds • Lightweight (14 oz to 2.75 lbs with mounts) • Helps you in crashes
• Great weather protection (you stay a lot warmer in the cold and your feet actually stay drier in the rain!)
• Space Age Technology • Makes you more visible at night • Makes you more visible in the day
• Adjusts for rider height and leg length • Improves the look, performance and value of your bike
• Gets you more respect • Makes you stand out • Up to 30% increase in speed
Karl F. Abbe, Zzip Designs, P.O. Box 14, Davenport, CA 95017, Phone: 1-408-425-8650, Fax: 1-408-425-1167, http://www.zzipper.com/

Build your own fairing with tips from Ed Gin who's been doing for years. He suggests using 3 inches of taper for each inch of width, and to build your first fairing out of coroplast. Check out his fairing seminar link for a great how-to:

Seats (bicycle saddles)

"I find that after about 4 miles, I usually have Sore Butt Syndrome". Sheldon Brown offers sage advice on all things bicycle: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/saddles.html

In addition to the standard designs available from retailers (see "PARTS & ACCESSORIES via CYBERSPACE" below), check these:

Moon Saddle at http://www.moonsaddle.com
T-bar style at www.thebikingsolution.com (Ft. Lauderdale: (954) 463-1002)
Super Saddle at http://www.abs-sports.com/
The UN Saddle at http://www.dimarusa.com/un-saddle/saddle.htm

Also, long-distance users of the Terry Liberator give it rave reviews.

Looking for a comfortable seat?

"Try anyone of the Terry seats, built by women for women." - mrbubl@airmail.net

"I encourage you to try out one or more of the Brooks leather saddles. (made in men's and women's versions). The wider the better if you ride upright, like on a hybrid. I've tried every innovation out there and the B-72 I ride is the best for me. It'll cost over $50 but it's well worth it. My assessment of seats: The seats with holes in them have concentrated pressure points surrounding the hole. The squishy seats force material up where you don't want it. The rocking type force you to slide down toward the front all the time. The foam covered hard shells eventually let your sit bones rest on the hard shell. Soft shell seats are better, but not as nice as leather. (Don't get the Brooks Pro models. They're too stiff. Get a touring saddle). Take a look at the Brooks web sight at www.sturmey-archer.com. Try to find a shop that will let you try out seats and exchange it if you don't like it." - dan_kluckhuhn@my-deja.com

The SEAT is designed to support and provide a comfortable ride for all.
Ergo, P.O. Box 659, Carnation, WA 98014
425-746-5700, fax 425-746-5964, http://www.ergo-theseat.com/


For mirror users or those investigating various types of mirrors in anticipation of a purchase, click here.
[Editor's Note: I prefer the end-of-handlebar-mounted Mountain Mirror from Mirrycle.

Suspension Systems

[These suspension seatposts offer effective, affordable ($100-200) alternatives to wheel suspension systems.]
Halls-Lauritzen G-Shok, http://www.gshok.com
Moxey XC, http://www.moxey.com
Rock Shox, http://www.rockshox.com
U.S.E. SX Shok Post, http://www.use1.com
Giani suspension seatposts, http://www.giani.com
Shockster add-on rear shocks, http://www.shockster.com
U.S.E. SX Shok Post
Reviews: http://www.mtbr.com/reviews/Suspension_Seatpost _name.html

For a thorough exploration of tires, see http://sheldonbrown.com/tires.html
Air Free Tires, Inc. manufacturers of a line of quality airless, no-flat bicycle tires. http://www.airfreetires.com
Amerityre uses a patented technology that encapsulates over one million closed-cell air bubbles to equal the ride of a traditional pneumatic tire. Their innovative tire technology gives you a FlatFree, Maintenance-Free and Hassle-Free tire that makes it the safest and most dependable tire in the world. http://www.ameritire.com/
THE THORN TERMINATOR is a lightweight; metallic strip encased in a special polymer material that prevents thorns, small tacks, sharp rocks and glass shards from piercing the air chamber of the bicycle's inner tube.


Park Bicycle Tools, http://www.parktool.com
Topeak Tools (folding, compact, take it with you), http://www.topeak.com
Information on how to use them to repair/maintenance your stead, http://www.uidaho.edu/~baile934/tools/index.html

Modify your bike to become a cruizer, tall rider, lowrider, etc.
Meet the Chunks. Our fleet is divided into several species. We have choppers, of course, in the Gazelle and BMX-Extendo, monotube, and unique style. We also have battering rams, tallbikes, and springy bikes. When balancing on two wheels is too taxing, we'll gladly strap a few more on, and ride ummodified standard trikes, modified, nonstandard but sensible cargo things, or other multi-wheeled vehicles. Then there is everything else. While we're here, we might as well display some para-chunkular constructions.
Find homebuilt cruisers, choppers, snowbikes, and more wild stuff at:
Also, check Lowrider Bikes: http://www.lowriderbike.com/index.html

Schmidt hub generator and headlight
The Schmidt Dynamo front hub weighs 1.5 lbs and has significantly less drag than tire driven generators. Made by Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau in Tuebingen, Germany, the hub is quiet and reliable, and is designed to give 50,000 kilometers of trouble free riding between servicing. The hub comes with the Lumotec or Lumotec Oval Plus lamp made by Busch & Muller in Germany, and modified by Schmidt for use with the Dynohub.


Bike Nashbar, "Lowest Prices Automatically",

Price Point, "Where price is the point", cycling gear,

bicycle components at wholesale to the public
over 3000 parts, and are adding 12,000 more parts as fast as we can.
Shimano, Campagnolo, Control Tech, etc., etc. Wholesale to the public.

Bike Line has 70 stores throughout the country

Performance Bicycles online catalog (bike shops in 9 states.)
"The nation's largest mail order and retail supplier of bicycle parts and accessories."
To Order: 1.800.727.2453 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week
One Performance Way, P.O. Box 2741, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

WWW Bike Lane has a list of online catalogs
click on Companies(Mail Order Catalogs)

Extensive list of links to bike, specialty bike, and bike part manufacturers.

SportsRack represents products (racks and vehicle accessories) from over 50 major manufacturers


Bike Racks: Over 20 companies make bike racks of various shapes and sizes. Many are the now-obsolete types such as "dishracks" (a.k.a. "wheelbenders") that don't enable locking of a bike's frame, don't support the bike properly, don't work well with U-locks, or are not intuitive to use. If you plan to purchase bike racks, ask yourself certain questions.

Cost depends on shape and the type of finish (galvanized, painted, or plastic-coated). Many obsolete rack designs appear to have a low cost per bike but in fact park far fewer bikes than they have wheel-holders or uprights. Cost per actual parked bike not counting installation ranges from around $25 to $150 and up, but the low end mainly includes designs that are unsecure or inconvenient. BTW, remember that not all designs work properly in all sites - there's no "one size fits all" rack.

Bike Lockers: Similar considerations exist for bike cages and lockers.

Bike Racks

Creative Pipe offers an innovative new rack design with several advantages over current designs. They also offer a wide variety of standard racks along with bike lockers.
Creative Pipe, Inc., 2629 Manhattan Ave., Suite 289, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Toll Free: 1-800-644-8467, Phone: (310)376-9536, Fax: (310)798-1785

Bike-Up offers a complete and up-to-date line of racks, both horizontal and vertical to fulfill every parking need.
BIKE-UP® Bicycle Parking Systems, 6 Antares Drive, Phase II, Unit #10B, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 8A9; FAX: (613) 228-3539, Phone: (613) 226-6452, http://www.bikeup.com

Sports Solutions offers several types of bicycle storage options including floor stands, wall mounts, ceiling hoists, and floor-to-ceiling racks. Sports Solutions, P. O. Box 782378, Wichita, KS 67278-2378, 800-346-7332, http://www.sportssolutions.com

Walkway Saver is a two-bike rack for home use (fit two bikes into the space of one): www.bicyclestand.com

Here's a quick, inexpensive one-bike stand: www.thegstand.com

How about bike rack sculptures? Check these out:
Also, follow the "Products" section of http://www.creativepipe.com to the "Custom Racks and Designs" link. You'll find photos of racks shaped like eyeglasses (for an optometrist), scissors (for a haircutter), a world globe, a fire engine, and a sofa. There are several images of a custom wave rack produced for McDonalds which incorporates their Golden Arches logo at one end. And, gorgeous salmon-shaped racks (the Model FR-2 "fish rack" :-) created for the city of Valdez, Alaska.

Bike Lockers

BikeLink offers on-demand/reservable electronic bicycle lockers. It's available on-demand like a parking meter, but you pay only pennies an hour. eLock Technologies, 800 Heinz Avenue, Suite 11, Berkeley, California 94710, Tel: 510-549-9258, www.elocktech.com

American Bicycle Security offers bike lockers. They also offer a PV solar panel attachment for their bike lockers that can power night lighting, a card swipe unlocking system, and/or charge an electric bike.
American Bicycle Security, P. O. Box 7359, Ventura, CA, 93006
800-245-3823, turtle@ameribike.com

BikeLid's advanced design offers: no assembly, install on any surface, two-year warranty, 90% recycled materials used, user-supplied or assigned-key locking systems, ground clearance for enhanced security. BikeLid, Seattle, WA 425/455-9014, New York, NY 212/245-6623

Steven Grover & Associates, engineering and design consultants in Berkeley, proposed an innovative bicycle parking facility for the El Cerrito Plaza BART station. The cutting-edge design provides on-demand bicycle parking in transparent lockers with ultra-secure electronic locking mechanisms, and a linear glass roof. For more information, call Lori Dair, (510) 232-6466, or e-mail her at loridair@earthlink.net.

Cycle-Safe's all-composite bicycle lockers accommodate the needs of both today's cyclist and those that supply the facilities used by them. In existence for over 20 years, cycle-safe offers what you expect from the industry's quality leader, the best value. The cycle-safe locker units are ideal for revenue producing bicycle parking systems. This pad-mounted modular site-built system has unique composite panels, which replace traditional wood or steel panels to avoid problems of corrosion, weathering or heat build up. They are of a high-tech combination of compression-formed high density sheet molding compound (SMC) which is a proprietary formulation manufactured and molded by cycle-safe, Inc.
Cycle-Safe, Inc., 478 Arrowhead SE • Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546
Voice: (888) 950-6531 • Fax (616) 954-0290


Looking for something unusual - or unusually spectacular - in cycle design? Encycleopedia celebrates this new diversity in bicycle design and technology. http://www.encycleopedia.com/

Links to manufacturers, bike shops, cool sites, bicycle clubs, etc.

The international bicycle scene. Links to most any topic related to bicycles and their use.

Bicycle Technology - what's available and links to learn more.
•Arm Powered •Recumbents •Tandems •Tricycles/Quadracycles
•Cargo Bikes & Trailers •Design Innovations

Short essays on a broad range of cyclist- and bicycle-related topics:

Forums and conversations on all things bicycle (from advocacy to mechanics to unicycling)

Register/license your bike. If it's stolen, you have a better chance of it's return. Only $10 for 10 years. Register your bicycle today at http://www.bicyclelink.com or at http://www.natlbike.com

www.pedaling.com offers hundreds of self guided bicycle routes throughout the US and Canada.

Sheldon Brown's site offers in-depth articles on various aspects of bicycle technology. The heart of this site is my Bicycle Glossary: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/glossary.html
Much more than a simple dictionary, it's extensively hyperlinked, with cross-references within the Glossary, and links to extended articles on specific topics. Additionally, there are more than 70 articles on the site, which are listed at: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/articles.html
•Articles for beginner cyclists: http://sheldonbrown.com/beginners
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