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Bicycle Commuting

Listen and learn from this well-done 27-minute video of two women discussing use of electric bikes for commuting.

(or this 4-min. basic video.)

Why do people choose to ride an electric bike? Because they:

  • want to save money, meet new people, and protect the environment;
  • enjoy the feeling of riding a bicycle - except for hills, headwinds, and starting from a stop;
  • prefer their local errands to be easy, slow paced and scenic;
  • look for extra chances to exercise - even if it's just a little;
  • still need convenient, point-to-point transportation after losing their driving privleges;
  • want their own traffic "lane", convenient parking spots and shortcuts;
  • considered a gas-powered moped or motorscooter, but dislike the noise, smell, starting problems and special laws;
  • deserve more fun and freedom in their lives.
Not convinced? Click here for The top 10 reasons to buy an electric bike. Or, to see how well an electric bike fits your lifestyle, check the lifestyle assessment.

Following are lists of electric bikes, kits and folding e-bikes.
Best buys are selected because they work well, come from solid companies and get high marks from users. This website offers broad introductory information. For detailed information on hundreds of e-bikes, visit http://electricbikereview.com/. For in-depth articles visit http://www.electricbike.com/.

Push the envelope with The 10 Most Expensive Electric Bikes , and the Top 10 Ebikes of the Future.

           Wise Buying Advice

1. Make sure the bike fits you. An e-bike is still a bike.
The better the fit, the more you pedal, the longer
your range, and the happier you are.
2. Put your e-bike needs in writing. Speed, range, and
which hills to climb - with specifics.
3. Never buy solely based on price unless you are an expert on
e-bikes. Pay a little too much for the right product and cry once.
Get a good deal on the wrong product and cry every day.

* Bikes and kits with an asterisk offer through-the-gearing power assist - i.e. the force of the motor goes through the bike's gearing system - which provides both better hill-climbing (50% improvement in 1st gear) and top-end speed than direct drive systems using similar motors.

           What to Look for in a $1,000 E-bike.
If you go with a no name bike made in China, you can get an
adequate lithium powered electric bike for the $1000-1200 range.

"Bargain Buys" Most electric bikes priced less than $600 at big box retailers and on-line are aimed at the kid/teen/toy market. They generally lack the performance and durability that people want and expect. Also, parts and service can be problematic with both big box retailers and on-line vendors. We urge you to invest in a quality e-bike, preferably from a local dealer, that will serve you (and others) for many years. If you choose a cheap e-bike, read our quality control and final adjustment guidelines. Remember, if it's poorly constructed and you can't get repair parts, it will likely become land-fill material. Save, beg, or borrow the money to get a quality bike or kit.

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