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The business of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) ranges from manufacturing through retailing - worldwide.

Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) provides networking between industry members, annual meetings, and distribution of industry information to interested parties.

CycleElectric offers publications and consulting to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. In addition to facts and statistics, you'll find access to distribution channels, business opportunities, language translation, and help in resolving cross-cultural issues.

Retailers will find helpful our introduction to dealing in electric bikes and scooters.

Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports annually presents information on all e-bikes worldwide. A great resource for anyone looking for the lowdown on what's happening in the industry. Available from Frank Jamerson in Naples, Florida, at 1-239-566-1833 or elecbike@aol.com, this excellent bi-annual industry snapshot, published since 1994, examines the state of the industry, the leaders, the trends and the technology.

International coverage of e-bikes and scooters starts at extraenergy.org. ExtraEnergy is a an independent non-profit trust with no involvement by manufacturers. For pedelecs and e-bikes, there's no more sophisticated test data available.

Vepro Ltd. provides design and development engineering services to niche vehicle and component manufacturers - motorcycles in particular - with an interest in the application of hydrogen fuel cells to these vehicles. rick.cronk@vepro.co.uk

Econogics offers consulting services to improve profitability and reduce costs through the use of cost-effective environmental management practices. Their "product" is economical, practical solutions to your problems. Examples include incorporating Electric Vehicle Technology into your corporate fleet, on-road, off-road and indoors. Econogics, Inc., 48 Tarquin Crescent, Nepean, Ontario, K2H 8J8, Telephone: (613) 784-0655, Facsimile: (613) 828-3199.

Listing of well over 100 different electric scooters (most from China; some from Taiwan and Hong Kong): http://www.globalsources.com

Prospective dealers who want to start an LEV business or add some electric bikes to their current mix of products often ask "what would be a smart and easy way to get started?" We recommend hooking up with EV Depot to access their series of Crystalyte hub motor kits. You can easily convert most bikes to e-bikes using a hub motor. How fast and how far you go depends on motor size and battery pack options. To learn more about the products, go to http://electricrider.com/crystalyte/index.htm
To learn about wholesale pricing, go to http://www.evdepot.com/, then click on "Dealer Login". Enter the User Name "eonyx", and the password "phoenix". Click on the Chrystalyte button to get a price list; components are listed first followed the Sparrow, Roadrunner and Phoenix systems. If you need further assistance, contact the EV Depot folks at 785-749-2410. Good luck.

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