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Electro Ride™ Bikes and Scooters has offered electric bikes in the San Francisco Bay Area since Summer 1996. We provide exceptional service and support for our customers – exemplified by this website. We're inspired by our vision of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) substituting for cars on most local trips and errands. Using clean, efficient vehicles saves money and time while helping the environment and improving our health. LEVs make sense for these rapidly changing times.

Thanksgiving Day, 2002

If you live in or around Milpitas, California, we offer a unique test-ride experience. Our web-based business operates from our home. (Behind the glass in the photo is our showroom. Nearby are a park and hills for test rides.) If you plan to visit our showroom, call first to set up an appointment at 408-262-8975. Or e-mail us.

If you live outside our area, shop locally if you can. Most manufacturing companies concentrates on manufacturing and distribution, and prefer to leave sales and service to local retailers. Check our list of retailers. If there's no retailer near you, call us at 408-262-8975.

If you use public transit, consider an electric scooter or kick scooter. Light enough to carry on-board like a bike, some also collapse to fit under bus or train seats. By blending with public transit, they make door-to-door transport quick and easy.

Warranty: Various manufacturers warrant their products for a period of three to six months from purchase date against all manufacturing defects with the exception of the batteries, tires and tubes. We extend that warranty to twelve (12) months for our customers. Furthermore, we are so confident of our products that we offer a thirty (30) day money back guarantee to our customers providing the unit is returned in original condition.

We have found that charging the MSRP set for our products by the manufacturers allows us to stay in business. That's good for us and our customers. Unless you work with us locally, after we ship your product, the actual costs of shipping will be added. In this time of rising inflation and supply disruptions, prices are subject to change without notice.

Electro Ride™ Bikes and Scooters, the retailing offshoot of Sustainable Habitat, is dedicated to people living in balance with nature. Our company exists to equip people with the tools, ideas, and practices which promise a leap in the quality of life for all. We currently focus on clean, efficient vehicles as an alternative to today's cars for short-distance personal transit.

Payment forms: credit cards (Visa and M/C), PayPal, money order, personal check, cashier's check, and credit card check. Call us at 408-262-8975 for details and to make arrangements for delivery, installation, or set-up.

Or e-mail your order. We'll need your name, the shipping address, phone number where the shipper can call you if necessary, credit card number, expiration date, and the credit card billing address if different from the shipping address.

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