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Kits to Convert Bikes to Electric Betterbikes™: E4 mid drive

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Second step in creating Betterbike™ is choosing 1 or more motors. Fortunately, comfortable recumbents can be fitted with a variety of mid-drive motor or a hub-drive motor kits.

    Mid-drive kits modify the recumbent's chain system to transmit both human and motor power to the gearing at the rear wheel. Adding gearing to the motor provides the user with both high speed and good hill-climbing.
  • Electro Portal offers the E-4 mid-drive kits for the Sun Bicycle EZ-1, EZ-3, X3, EZ Classic SX, EZ Tri Classic SX. With the universal adaptor, this kit can also be mounted on just about any trike or recumbent bike. Kits are very reasonably priced at $695 and capable of 500-600W depending on battery chemistry.
    Click here for an in-depth look at this kit.
    Click for instructions about installing an Electro Portal E-4 kit on an EZ-1 or EZ-3.

    June 2011 update: EZ Classic SX and EZ Tri Classic SX adapters are finally here for these new style recumbent bike and trike.

    E-4 KIT in the Movies
    The Movie "Zookeeper" was released July 8, 2011.
    Zookeeper Productions (originally a division of MGM) bought 4 complete E-4 kits from Electro Ride LLC in 2009.
    Click Here for the Zookeeper trailer.
    Note the recumbent trike chase scene right after the dating tip: "Never let a rival dictate the outcome of a situation."
    Can you spot the E-4 kit hidden on the Trike?
    (Hint: look for the battery mount in the back of the trike)

Mid-frame mount for higher power/weight ratio.


Note: The lithium battery option is very popular with this motor.
Here are more details on the 26V 10Ah LiPo compact/high rate battery.
25.9V 10 AH Li-Ion Polymer Battery Pack
Dimensions: 190x85x65 mm or 7.4x3.3x2.5 inches. (Yes, it is actually that small)
Weight : 3 lbs
Discharging Current: 50A Continuous. (Yes, it is actually 5C continous the despite small size and weight.)
Over Discharge Protection/Max Current: 83A
Charging Voltage: 29.4
Discharge Cut-off Voltage : 21.0

Note: Estimated ranges are conservative and based on the Wh rating of the battery.
They assume NO pedalling, and discharge to only 70-80% to maximize battery lifetime.
Max range is higher and if you pedal, you can also greatly increase your range.

Notice: There is currently a 3 week wait on this kit after ordering.
If you need a conversion kit sooner, or you don't have the adapter for your recumbent listed above, consider our BMC V4C,V2T or classic V1 20" front hub conversion kits.
This kit is also high performance, light weight, and very easy to install.
We can also provide a free 20" fork with BMC kit, so you can upgrade if you have the smaller 16" front wheel.

EZ3-SX by Sun Bikes with our E-4 motor system
Electro-Cycle "E-4" mid-drive motor Kit...

Unlike motors stuck in one gear, these assist in all gears!
--24 Volt, 500 Watt, brushless, 3-phase motor, including built-in controler, planar gear speed reduction (2600 reduced 9.33:1), sensors to prevent over-heating - under-voltage, state-of charge indicators in thumb type speed regulator, brake lever power-off switches (Canada only), and everything you need to tie into the pedal gearing.
This kit began as an improvement over other attempts to add a mid-frame electric motor to Easy Racer recumbent bikes.

Though we now have motor mounts for most of the "Sun" EZ recumbent bikes and trikes (designed by Easy Racers) other cycles have been adapted...long frames, tandems, and 4 wheel quadracycles.
Restocking fee of 10% will be applied to cancelled orders. Restocking fee of 20% for the battery portion of the order only. Exchanges may be exempt from this fee depending on situation.

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Quadribent™ Side-By-Side Recumbent Bicycles for Two People.

Ready to "take the lane"? The EZ-1 Quadribent™ is a recumbent vehicle consisting of parallel paired recumbent bicycles joined together side-by-side to form a recumbent quad bicycle that two people can ride together. Optional rumble seats accommodate additional riders. The Quadribent™ includes a built-in cargo platform which allows you to easily carry things with you: groceries, a picnic lunch, perhaps even your dog! [Editor's Note: Or a big battery pack for long-range riding.] Add an electric drive (e.g. Electro Cycle E-4) and you've got a scaled-down "car". Bike together for fitness, health, therapeutic exercise, sport, family fun and transportation. Learn more at http://www.blackbirdbikes.com/index.htm