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Electric Trikes and Tricycles: Complete Adult Three-wheelers
Intro E-Trikes

Some of the available electric trikes include:

Gomier Electric Tricycle

Fun. Economical. Environmentally Friendly.
This Electric Tricycle is a practical alternative transportation for riders of all ages.

This trike comes from the same company (Electrik Motion) that offers an industry-standard bicycle. [Gomier is pronounced go-me-air.]
  • 24" Full Size Adult Trike with chrome wheels and fenders
  • 450 watt, 24 volt high torque rugged brushed motor
  • 35 amp, PVM variable speed control with thumb type paddle throttle
  • 2 X 12V 18 AH sealed lead acid, no memory batteries
  • 2-step self regulating, worry free charger
  • great hill performance, up to 16 mi range on level ground
  • front V-brake, rear coaster brake with freewheel
  • large cargo basket, large comfy seat
  • 6 month warranty
  • Color: red or blue
  • PRICE: $1299 plus shipping and handling

The Electric Tricycle (click for more info).
Available from:

Go-Hub Sun e-trike

Miami Sun is well know for their quality bikes and trikes. The Sun Deluxe trike (or the Sun Traditional trike) combined with the Go-Hub 24" Hub Motor trike Conversion Kit delivers great performance, quality and value.

This is a great vehicle for transportation and also for those not ready for a full mobility type scooter. The average mobility scooter travels around 5 mph. This sporty quality trike will do 15+ mph and keep you out of the sun! The Go-Hub Sun e-trike is the perfect alternative to a golf cart and just a fraction of the cost. The Go-Hub Sun e-trike is the smoothest, highest quality and quietest riding trike available.

THIS IS THE ONLY ADULT ELECTRIC TRIKE IN THE BUSINESS THAT ALSO HAS REVERSE!! By simply pushing a small button mounted on the handlebars you can back this baby out of tight spaces.

The Sun e-trike also features:

  • Alloy rims with stainless steel spokes.
  • 3 speed Shimano Nexus internal gear hub with easy handlebar mounted lever shifting. Makes pedaling and shifting real easy with just your right thumb.
  • Split Twist grip throttle with built in power gauge for presice speed control.
  • Speed: 15mph+ Range: Up to 15 miles with no pedaling and up to 25 miles with slight pedal assist.
  • Reinforced rear unit with precision bearings
  • 15 3/8" step thru height.
  • Western saddle with support bar.
  • Vinyl coated large rear basket.
  • Uni-Crown fork.
  • Alloy cantilever brakes with PARKING BRAKE and rear coaster brake.
  • Adjustable height SURREY TOP for shade.
  • Self sealing flat resistant tubes on all wheels.
  • Weight with kit installed approx: 100 lbs.
  • Max rider weight: 250 lbs.
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Turquoise or Rasberry.

For more information, visit:
Largo Scooters, 103650 Overseas Hwy. #50, Key Largo, Fl 33037, 305-453-7865, www.largoscooters.com

RunAbout Cycles

Experience the combination of electric-assistive technology with the comfort, stability, aerodynamics and style of a recumbent tricycle. An Electric Human Hybrid!

RunAbout Cycles designs, builds and sells electrically assisted recumbent tricycles. Their machines enable the rider to experience a 40 mile range (twice the industry standard) on a reclined, stable tricycle platform. These quick, quiet, zero emissions vehicles that are great for around town transportation or back road cruising for low impact exercise.

New electric motor technology, emerging tricycle design, and top quality, safe, recyclable batteries combine to enable riders to go about twice the average speed of a traditional recreational cyclist, for about half of the physical effort!

Learn more at http://www.electric-cycle.com/html/specification.html

RunAbout Cycles, 517A North Link Lane, Fort Collins CO, 80524, 413-695-9327, Shop Open By Appointment, http://www.electric-cycle.com

Worksman e-trikes

Worksman, manufacturing industrial and recreations bikes in the USA for over 100 years, is now offering electric drive on a few of their trikes.

The Personal Activity Vehicle (PAV3) (pictured with various options) is an ergonomic marvel! Designed to be the world's most comfortable trike, the PAV3 incorporates contemporary style with classic proven features. Its semi-recumbent design allows you to sit back, have fun, and get great exercise at the same time! With its fully adjustable, richly padded high-back seat and optional fold-down armrests, the PAV3 is like a couch on wheels. Riding is made easier because when you lean back into the seat you use your legs, back, and stomach muscles together! The PAV3 comes with a coaster brake, front drum brake, and rear basket. Options include three speed coaster brake, rear view mirrors, caopy top kit, and rear fenders. Available electric drive hubs include the Heinzmann and a Chinese system. For those who want to ride together, Worksman offers a dual version of the PAV3 called the Side-By-Side Team Dual Trike.

The PT-Lightning Electric Tricycle is based upon their famous Port-O-Trike (with all the great features including foldable capability) and can be pedaled or ridden under power. The eletric front hub motor is integrated into the 20" front wheel for smooth and efficent power. The Lightning Trike has a caliper brake and coaster (foot) brake, wide comfortable seat, large rear cargo basket, upright handlebars, and much more. To operate the electric system, there is a simple thumb throttle on the handlebars...simply press and go! The Lightning trike comes complete with battery and charger. Simply plug it into a standard wall outlet when not in use. Riding range of about 10 miles between charges.

Worksman Cycles Industrial Park, 94-15 100th Street, Ozone Park, NY 11416, 888-3-Wheeler (888-394-3353) or 800-BUY-CART (800-289-2278), http://www.worksman.com/


The high-end T.Rex is the latest limited edition trike from BoomerBents. The 48-volt, brushless motor offers the maximum legal power of 750 watts. Deliveries start in early 2009.

For more information, visit: http://www.boomerbents.com/
The Form Factory, 8329 Lost Pines Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89128, 702-804-2641 / 702-804-2642

Palmer Electric Joyrider

Palmer offers 3 models of electric trikes - 2 "high-riders" and 1 "low-rider" (pictured above). Now, there's an innovative way to travel around your neighborhood. We've taken the stress and strain out of cycling by powering the easy walk-in adult trike. You can use quiet non-polluting power, pedal normally or pedal with power to get just the right amount of exercise. Entering the vehicle is a simple walk in and sit. Seat has contoured back support for comfort. There's even reverse for parking. Models include 3 Speed Coaster brake, Trike, Fenders, Motor, Speed Controller, Battery and Charger.

Palmer also offers the Independence (shown here) and 5 other industrial looking models.

Our Electric Single- or Double-seat Three-Wheelers are designed for individuals

  • who need outdoor mobility
  • who need neighborhood transportation
  • who wish to work in their yard or garden
  • who no longer drive a car
  • who want their own golf cart
  • who wish to take others with them
  • who want transportation at the campground

Palmer Industries, PO Box 5707, Endicott, NY 13763 USA
Phone 800-847-1304 or 607-754-2957; Fax 607-754-1954
E-Mail - palmer@palmerind.com

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