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Velomobiles are aerodynamic, fully (or nearly so) enclosed bikes/trikes. Think "micro car". Some have fairings which are removeable for fine weather, others are of monocoque design. Some have the option of motor assistance to extend their range and make hills easier.

For additional photos and information on velomobiles, visit the North American Velomobilist Website at http://www.velomobiles.net/.   Find a world-wide survey of three-wheeled velomobiles at http://home.mindspring.com/~kb7mxu/trikes5.htm

Primarily designed as a commuter vehicle, the Aerorider's electric drive assist supports speeds up to 50 km/h but can be limited depending on national legislation. Because it has 3 wheels and full bodywork, the driver is not obliged to wear a helmet. Currently (2006) hand-manufactured in the Netherlands and priced (with delivery) under $10,000, it's available from Aerorider BV, http://www.aerorider.com/   It's 600-watt motor and aerodynamic shape combine to offer a 28 mph top speed without pedaling; pedaling increases top speed, acceleration and range. Watch the 2-minute video showing the Aerorider in action. Good soundtrack, too. Aero Rider is now available in Southern California. Take a test drive today. Call 1-213-810-8842 for a reservation. http://www.velota.com

Rumor says the Go-One3 folks plan to electrify their aerodynamic vehicle: http://www.go-one.de/ukindex.shtml
For a quick overview of the fastest velomobiles in the world, visit http://www.speed101.com/gallery/
Here's the "Human Powered Vehicle 24 Hour Record" holder: http://www.adventuresofgreg.com/HPVMain.html Here's a video report on the fastest human powered bicycle: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5V2FgwN_re4

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The photos below were taken at the 2006 velomobile gathering in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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