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The combinations of Betterbike Styles, Kits, Batteries, Accessories, Options, and Customizations are numerous. Each customer has a unique bike creation. Therefore we felt a testimonials page was long overdue. This page readily updated (time permitting), please visit this page in the near future for more examples of completed betterbikes and bettertrikes.

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Jack Veenstra's EZ Sport CX with 26" Front Crystalyte Phoenix Racer 4840

You may notice this EZ Sport CX bike was upgraded with a 26" fork for more speed and to give the bike more "presence". By putting hub on front, an Aerospoke (spokeless wheel) could be put on the back. This allowed durability (more weight is on the back wheel of a recumbent) and further adds to the look of the bike. An Aerospoke wheel never needs to be maintained or "trued" and it eliminates problems with brokens spokes. With the 4840 controller and 52-58V 45Ah (45 lbs) of LMCO batteries, this vehicle can reach 40 mph and get plenty of range. With the new 7240 controller the top speed of this vehicle would be over 50 mph with power approaching 3000W.
This will get you to work on time.

Mary Sullivan's Classic Bike with BMC Hub and Removeable Battery

Thanks to Brian, I don't have to intermittently get off my bike and walk it uphill. The motor he installed is barely noticeable and easy to operate. For anyone else of "a certain age," I highly recommend investing in the same motor.

Mary Sullivan Stanford, CA

Note: The battery in this bike is 37V 15Ah LMCO 8 lbs. A battery bag protects it from the elements. It is attached to the back rack with two powerful Velcro straps so the battery can be quickly removed for charging inside (such as in your office at work).

Philip Nemec's Blue Tour Easy with Ecospeed Powerpack Motor Kit

This is the "Cadillac" of betterbikes. Tour Easy, with disc brake, Aerospoke on back, 37V 30Ah of batteries on the pannier racks in protective battery bags. Quality American made recumbent by Easy Racers. Kevlar tires. Note the proper use of motorcycle gear on this high performance vehicle. This bike is one of the most efficient Ebikes you can find. Includes front fairing, and tail sock to eliminate turbulence. Very light weight and fast.