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Styles of Betterbikes

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The first step in creating a Betterbike is to choose from the numerous recumbent styles and models. When looking for an e-bike, too many people concentrate on the motor, when the bike is far more important. After all it's the bike on which you sit. The bike's comfort, handling and riding characteristics determine whether or not your e-bike is a pleasure or a pain. Note that many models (like the EZ-1) come in different color and material offerings (SX steel, CX chromoly, AX aluminum).

Easyracers Recumbents(Links below have prices)

Tour-Easy http://www.easyracers.com/tour_easy.htm
Gold-Rush http://www.easyracers.com/gold_rush.htm
Fold-Rush http://www.easyracers.com/fold_rush.htm
TI-Rush http://www.easyracers.com/ti_rush.htm

EZ-Rider (has suspension) - - $1200 CX; $1400 SX

Sun Bicycles (Originally designed by Easyracers)
For detailed specs please visit:
Price estimates below are subject to change

Recumbent Bikes:
SunRay - - $450 Details
EZ-1 - - $625 SX Details ; $900 AX Details
EZ-Sport - - $975 CX Details ; $1200 AX Details
EZ-Rider - - $1200 CX; $1400 AX
EZ-Tandem - - $1895 CX Details ; $2250 AX Details
Tomahawk - - $1049 CX Details
X1 - - $975 Details
X2 - - $1249 CX Details ; $1499 AX Details

Recumbent Trikes:
EZ-3 - - $820 SX ; $1200 AX
X3 - - $850 SX Details
X3 - - $1350 AX Details
EZ-3 Tadpole - - $1050 SX Details
T3 Tadpole - - $1250 CX Details
T3 Tadpole - - $1500 AX Details
EZ-3 USX HD - - $1050 Details
EZ-3 USX - - $1235 Details
M3 UAX - - $1690 Details

Foldable/Portable Bikes:

Click here to watch the Paratrooper Folding Demo on YouTube
Paratrooper Mountain Bike - - $725
CX Comfort Bike - - $525
SwissBike TX - - $625

Rambler - - $299
Rambler-3 - - $339
Rambler-7 - - $339

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Day 6 Bicycles (Half recumbent, half upright bike)
Official prices are on the website links for the models below.

Day 6 Bicycles offer safety and comfort similar to a recumbent but with the look and feel of a standard upright bike. The extended wheelbase and forward-positioned pedals allow riders to easily place their feet flat on the ground. Although it comes with a standard bicycle sadle, a medical grade seat with padded back and lumbar is also available. The swept-back handlebars combined with feet-forward position provide a surprisingly comfortable ride. Just add a power-assist kit designed for a regular bike to create a lovely ride. Due to the longer length of this bike, you may need to extend some wires on a standard kit. Learn more at http://www.day6bicycles.com, and then contact Kelly at kelly@day6bicycles.com or 712-644-3740 (office), 402-651-8867 (mobile).

  • The Dream SL1 - http://day6bicycles.com/dreamsl.html. - $579
  • The Dream SL21 - http://day6bicycles.com/dreamsl.html. - $699
  • The Dream SS1 - http://day6bicycles.com/dreamss.html. - $499
  • The Dream SS21 - http://day6bicycles.com/dreamss.html. - $599
    Electra Bicycle Company offers the "feet flat on the ground" Townie bikes. [Editor's Note: I prefer the Townie 7 women's style model for the chain guard, 7-speed Nexus Internal hub and coaster brake. Retails below $600.]
    The Schlick Shark achieves Townie-type comfort with an innovative, artistic frame featuring a series of arching aluminum tubes. Beautiful, but priced at over $2000. http://www.schlickcycles.com/

    Electric Velomobiles - Primarily designed as a commuter vehicle, the Aerorider's electric drive assist supports speeds up to 50 km/h but can be limited depending on national legislation. Because it has 3 wheels and full bodywork, the driver is not obliged to wear a helmet. Currently (2006) hand-manufactured in the Netherlands and priced (with delivery) under $10,000, it's available from Aerorider BV, http://www.aerorider.com/ With it's 600-watt motor and aerodynamic shape combine to offer a 28 mph top speed without pedaling; pedaling increases top speed, acceleration and range. Watch the 2-minute video showing the Aerorider in action. Good soundtrack, too. Aero Rider is now available in Southern California. Take a test drive today. Call 1-213-810-8842 for a reservation. http://www.velota.com
    Rumor says the Go-One3 folks plan to electrify their aerodynamic vehicle: http://www.go-one.de/ukindex.shtml

    Recumbent Fairings and Tailsocks for Streamlining and Comfort

    Price estimates are subject to change

    Windwrap Fairings by Mueller Human Power provides us with two models suitable for the styles of recumbents above. Retail price is currently $295 for either model.
    ERX style http://www.windwrap.com/ezsport.htm
    RNS style http://www.windwrap.com/rns.htm

    TerraCycle provides our tail sock frameset and Free Form Fashions provides the tail socks and body socks.

    Terracycle Tailsok Frameset http://www.terracycle.com $150
    Firefly Safety Option for Tailsock $18
    Free Form Fashions Tailsock for Terracycle http://www.bikeroute.com/FreeFormFashions $79

    If you get two EZ-1 recumbents you can convert them back and forth from bikes to a BlackBird quadabent bike using quick releases. Kind of like transformers. This NEV (Neighborhoed Electric Vehicle) is great for bringing the whole family --and the dog too!

    BlackBird Design Inc.


    Quadibent Kit $650

    Discounts if you purchase one or two EZ-1 SX or AX bikes with the kit.
    Two SX + Quad Kit $1925
    Two AX + Quad Kit $2325

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