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Why buy a kick (push) scooter?

Under many conditions, scooters are the fastest way to travel distances of less than a mile. Walking a half mile on level ground takes about 10 minutes for a reasonably fit adult. On a kick scooter, you can travel the same distance in 3 minutes. For people who make frequent trips of about a half mile, these savings can add up to several hours a week. Bicycles are faster than scooters, but they often require cumbersome lugging in and out of a building, or locking/unlocking outside. In most settings, a kick scooter beats a bike door to door for trips of up to 3/4 mile.

Also, when blending with transit, most electric scooters and all non-folding bikes are subject to prohibitions not imposed on small folding scooters that carry on like luggage. Here are four options that are small enough to carry on as luggage -- so you avoid getting "bumped":

  1. For a mile or so, kick scooters are quick (up to 10 mph), compact, inexpensive options.
  2. Ranges up to three miles are easy on generic 200-watt electric scooters. At roughly 10 mph (similar to bicycle speed), they're quick enough, but not so fast you can't just jump off running if you need to "bail".
  3. Longer ranges are open to riders of folding bikes. Find a link list to manufacturers at www.electric-bikes.com/options.htm#Folding Bicycles
  4. Inline skates. Here's a recommendation for them:
    Subj: Re: [svbc] alternatives to bikes on buses, trains, etc.
    Date: 7/19/00 10:15:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time
    From: PaulW576432765@enet.com (Paul Wendt)
    I formerly used a DaHon with my Caltrain/BART commute. It's not the most elegant of the various folders available, but it does the job and is comparatively inexpensive. But skates take a fraction of the space and are far easier to carry, and go at true bicycle speeds (I can maintain 17mph on level ground w/o a headwind). Recreational skates with buckles (not laces) are preferable for transit/skate combo, since they allow easy on/easy off.


Xootr (pronounced 'zooter') products are designed by a team of engineers with several years of experience in high-performance vehicle design and industrial designers with a sensitivity to the human and aesthetic qualities of products. Each Xootr is built by hand by a team of detail-oriented craftsmen with you, the customer, in mind. We hope you like what we have to offer.


In addition to the following, check the review under Know-Ped (below).

Ken Trough <ktrough@webcombo.net> contacted the Xootr manufacturer. He asked them if the Xootr would handle trick riding and specifically a three foot jump. They had this to say:

<< The wheels should take the load no problem. Most small-wheel kick-scooters use in-line skate bearings, which are really too small for a two-wheeled vehicle for an adult. We use an RZ8 bearing (1/2 inch bore) which should take the load just fine.

On the Xootr the limitation is bending of the structural ribs. We have tested them with a 200 lb. rider bunny hopping 18 inches or so. They can bend slightly under these conditions, although they don't fail. The actual failure load is something like 2000 lbs. I would think a 125 lb. rider could do a three foot jump without problems. However, for serious loading like this, I recommend our "Street" model, which has a CNC-machined aluminum deck and has a 3,000+ lb. yield strength. (For the record, we don't recommend stunt riding...and wear a helmet. The lawyers made me say it.)

Karl Ulrich, Nova Cruz Products, LLC >>

Made in U.S.A., with patents pending, the Xootr comes in various models ranging from $150 - $200.

Available from:
Nova Cruz Products, LLC (the manufacturer)
55 Industrial Park Drive, Dover, NH 03820
603/742-1037; Fax 603/742-1795

and NYCeWHEELS, 1603 York Avenue, NY, NY 10028, (212) 737-3078, www.nycewheels.com

K2 Kickboard

The K2 Kickboard is a flexible high-tech hybrid between a skateboard and scooter made from aluminum, carbon and wood. The kickboard has three wheels, a brake and a steering rod that provide an incomparable ride whether rolling on the flats, taking curves or screaming down hills.

Translation: The most fun you will ever have on 3 wheels!

Frame: Injected molded aluminum
Finish: Pearl polished aluminum
Deck: 44cm wood-fiberglass construction with no slip grip tape
Wheels: 100mm urethane wheels standard Bearing ABEC 5 Steering
Rod: Aluminum telescopic tube with a ball grip
Steering Mechanics: Patented steering knuckle control with tight spring and stainless steel bar.
Brake: Guard-step brake.



The Quadcarver is a revolutionary four-wheeled scooter developed with our new patented pivot-steering technology. Quadcarver allows anyone to experience the deep carving sensations of skiing and surfing in just the first few minutes of riding.

The Quadcarver is a high-performance scooter that delivers both unmatched ease-of-use and extreme performance; from the first easy turns to high speed sliding and vertical sport, the Quadcarver is fluid and intuitive for the beginner and expert alike.

Pro Quadcarver | $299.

Available from:

Quadcarver, Berkeley, CA, 1-800-727-0331, http://www.quadcarver.com/store/index.htm


Fuzion Ultimate Carving Scooters

Nextsport offers three models of kick scooters. The Fuzion NX, pictured here, is their most rugged design yet. The Fuzion NX is built by riders, for riders. The all new 360 hanger rotation coupled with our innovative and proven Pivot Steering Technology lets riders make the deepest carves and opens up an entire new variety of tricks.

  • 360 front hanger rotation
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Forged aluminum front fork
  • Cast polyurethane wheels
  • Patented Pivot Steering Technology (PST)
  • Precision bearings
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs.

    Nextsport Corporate Office, 5900 Hollis St. Suite S, Emeryville, CA 94608, 1-800-727-0331, http://nextsport.com/fuzion/fuzall.html


    The self-powered push scooter crafted for adults. Created in 1997 and inspired by the original Sport gas-powered scooter, the Know-Ped has all the design features of the Sport without the motor. Handcrafted from the same high quality aircraft grade materials that all Go-Peds are made from, the Know-Ped is strong, durable and portable. It stands out as the new standard in push scooter design and construction. Based on a new Go-Ped® chassis concept using a single-sided rear axle assembly, the Know-Ped offers an aircraft-quality, chrome/moly steel frame and both a front caliper brake as well as a new heel-operated friction brake on the rear wheel.

    Manufactured by Patmont Motor Werks, the Know-Ped Go-Ped® Scooter is:

    • Great First Go-Ped® for Younger Kids!
    • Carries up to 400 Pounds - Great for Adults, too!
    • Classic American Styling!
    • Made-in-U.S.A Quality!
    • Ride It Anywhere!
    • Only 12 Pounds... Easy to Lift!
    • Human Powered!
    • New Rear Wheel Fender Brake!
    • Great for Indoor or Commuter Use!
    • No Assembly Required!
    • Available in Flaming Yellow, Ferarri Red, and Beach Boy Blue

    Available from:


    Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 07:29:04 -0000
    Subject: Interesting Comparison: Know-Ped & Xootr

    My nephew has a Know-Ped (by GoPed), and we were very interested in finding out just how they compare, especially in terms of rolling efficiency. So yesterday we went out to a nearby parking lot to conduct some comparisons. They were very interesting.

    In terms of rolling resistance, the Xootr was the clear winner. All three of us tried both scooters, with the very unscientific test consisting of using only three of the hardest starting kicks we could muster and then osbserving how far they rolled from there. Consistently, the Xootr rolled three to four times as far on the three kicks for each of us. Rollllllllliiiiiinnnnng is what the Xootr does best -- it just keeps going and going. I think it's very safe to say that there is currently *no* other folding kick scooter out there that rolls as effortlessly as the Xootr. This very low rolling resistance is what makes the Xootr the hands-down best kick scooter if cruising for medium to long distances is your game.

    Achieving such rolling efficiency comes with what some might consider a compromise -- a firm ride. The Know-Ped's softer rubber tires soak up bumps and ollie landing impacts better, but they are also much of the reason that the Know-Ped doesn't roll nearly as efficiently as the Xootr. The firm ride of the Xootr is something I don't mind at all.

    Even with the new front brake, the Xootr still doesn't stop as fast as a Know-Ped. The Know-Ped's front caliper brakes will lock up the front tire with little effort. This is at once reassuring and scary, as it is definitely more zero-sum in nature than the Xootr's front brake. The Xootr can be made to brake almost as hard as the Know-Ped, but does require more hand effort to do so. The one big advantage the Xootr brake has over the Know-Ped's front brake is that it can be applied more gradually, and so provides a much greater range of braking effort -- it's more like a dimmer switch compared to the Know-Ped's on-off toggle switch of a front brake.

    One big advantage the Know-Ped has over the Xootr is that it is equipped with a rear fender-brake. As a brake, it can be used to slow the Know-Ped down (it doesn't brake nearly as hard as the front caliper). Most importantly, though, it protects your legs from the wet stuff when you run through puddles and the like, and keeps your shoes from getting scuffed up by the rear wheel. From what I understand, the makers of the Xootr will be releasing a rear fender for its Xootr models sometime in the near future. Just as soon as they're available, I fully intend to get one.

    As far as build quality goes, the Xootr is far superior to the Know-Ped. The Xootr's fit-and-finish is superb. Built like a Rolex, there were no corners cut or compromises made. I have the Street model, and its machined aluminum deck is a beautiful thing. I can make the following statement with the utmost confidence: there is no scooter that comes close to the Xootr in terms of build quality and/or quality of materials.

    This comparison is getting long-winded, so let me wind it up. The Know-Ped is an excellent kick scooter, and it amazes me that people even buy the Razor scooters when, for less than the top-of-the-line Razor, you can get a *far* superior Know-Ped. The Know-Ped is a fantastic scooter for shorter distances and for doing tricks, and it'll take you a lot further than any Razor will.

    If budget permits, however, and cruising for longer distances is what you'll be doing, then there is absolutely no kick scooter out there that can touch the liquid-smooth rolling ride of the Xootrs. They have to be ridden to be believed -- they are *that* good. Mind you, the least expensive Xootr costs more than twice as much as a Know-Ped. And my Street model, at $389, costs around three times as much as a Know-Ped. But it was well worth it to me. Ride one, and I think you'll feel the same way.

    DIGGLER - The Original Mountain Scooter

    Diggler is the innovator of this new and exciting adventure sports category and produces the world's best all-terrain scooters for adventure racing, ski resorts, fitness, and dog training. Enjoy the outdoors? Like going down hills? Like to exercise & stay fit? Like snowboarding, mountain biking, skiing, surfing, skating, adventure, travel, or freedom? Maybe you are a kid at heart, have a dog, or want to try something new off the menu this summer.

    DIGGLER HAS JUST WHAT YOU NEED to make this summer fun. It takes seconds to feel comfortable and you are OFF and riding on the safest, smartest combination of fun and transportation that you will ever find. Sleek design, amazing performance, and the safest patented scooter around, Diggler's have been recognized by the leaders in outdoor sports and safe family fun.



    A high-tech off-road sport scooter for mountain, downhill, and street use.

    DELLEMANN-INNOVATION, RAUTHWEG 15, A-6401 INZING / TIROL / AUSTRIA, TEL: +43 - (0) 664 - 33 75 270, FAX: +43 - (0) 5238 - 88 526, manfred.dellemann@utanet.at, www.scootboard.net

    Scooters & Boards. Find a variety of kick scooters and boards at

    Mongoose BikeBoard™

    The Mongoose BikeBoard™ gives the instant feeling of carving the wild waves or cutting down a snow-covered mountain. It doesn't matter if you are new to the Mongoose BikeBoard™ and Boarding Sports or a seasoned pro, the Original Mongoose BikeBoard™ offers all who ride it a new and exciting mode of transportation and sport.

    This Mongoose BikeBoard™ has been designed for years of fun!

    The Mongoose BikeBoard™ Group, 162 South Rancho Santa Fe Road, Suite B-30, Encinitas, CA 92024, 877-BIKEBOARD, http://bikeboardusa.com/Original_Bike_Board.asp


    Bikeboard is the cross between bike and board styles: Snowboards on Snow, Skateboard and 3 wheels on Road or Offroad and Wakeboard on Water. The lightweight aluminium frame has a reinforced fork, foldable Stem, height adjustable handlebars and can be quickly assembled to the four different board styles.

    All-Season fun with Bikeboard Snow, Bikeboard Water and Bikeboard Street/Offroad

    More adventages: No special footwear needed - Total weight less than 9kg - Small packed size due to the folding technology and quick assembly - Bikeboard backpack available for easy transport.

    Bikeboard incorporated - Alte Steinhauserstrasse 19 - CH-6330 Cham, Phone: +41 (0)800 40 80 40, E-Mail: info(at)bikeboard.ch, http://www.bikeboard.ch/index.php?&L=1

    Bikeboard North America, 9735 N. 90th Place, Suite 150, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, 480-657-6200, http://swissbikeboard.com/


    The Trikke is a 3-wheel vehicle that reinvents how you propel yourself on wheels without pushing or peddling. Using motion like that of skiing or in-line skating you simply lean with the handle bars to drive the Trikke forward. The added stability of three wheels and handle bars plus dual rear brakes, allows the rider to reach speeds of 18 mph on flat ground with total confidence and safety. It is not battery operated. It also provides unsurpassed safety, control and agility for riders of all sizes and ages. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, has 8 inch urethane wheels, can handle riders up to 350 pounds and quickly folds down for easy storage.

    Because of the three-wheeled stance, the Trikke is extraordinarily stable. Dual rear brakes provide superb braking power. Independently controlled, the brakes also allow for unusual lateral control for trick riding. Rated as the safest vehicle on the road by the Los Angeles Safety Foundation, the Trikke provides unsurpassed safety, control and agility for riders of all sizes and ages. The Trikke 8 is fast and stable for Trikkers young and old wanting speed, and durability.

    All Trikkes are made from aircraft grade aluminum, have polyurethane wheels, and share the patented Trikke cambering mechanism, folding mechanism and braking system.

    Price: $200. Specifications: http://www.trikke.com
    As Seen On TV: To Order 24 Hours a day Call 1-(800) 297-0116


    Kickbikes are offered by several different companies, most from outside the U.S. borders.

    Go to Google and search on "kickbike".

    The StrideGlider push scooter is great for transportation, fitness, and it’s fun. Our engineers and inventors worked to create a scooter with the highest safety, and freedom of movement. Freedom of movement was so you don’t hit the downtube or bars with your knees when riding, plus smaller 20” tires allowed higher kicks backwards.

    One common question we receive is frequently about the weight load. The StrideGlider is the only scooter that has been FEA Tested for weight load capacity. It can withstand 1000lbs static weight and about 350lbs dynamic weight (when you’re riding it.) It was actually designed with such a high weight load because our German co-inventor, Ulrich Trojer, kept breaking other models when he rode them.

    Each StrideGlider is hand-made in Michigan. This allows us the ability to have tight control of the quality of the StrideGliders and since it’s made in the US, we’re supporting our economy. The base cost of the StrideGlider is $350 (this includes your choice of street or off road tires). Shipping costs depend on your location. Typically shipping costs $20-$40.

    Stride Glide, llc, 820 Center Street, Owosso, MI 48867, 989-723-8837


    Willy, Freestyle, Downhill, City and ... Micro are not the latest characters on your favourite animated television show! Some call it a skateboard with handles ...a bicycle without pedals or seat ... but you've got to see it to believe it.

    Kickstart Scooters Ltd, introduces the Sidewalker; a scooter designed for a fresh new form of fun, fitness and transportation for ages 3 to 83. Developed and designed in Austria, Sidewalker's sleek chro-moly frame is available in a variety of dynamic colours and designs, boasts 12, 20 and 26 inch rims, V- brakes, chrome fenders and total weights of 6 to 13 kg. All scooters have a bell and kickstand.

    Sidewalker Micro

    The Sidewalker Micro has the largest wheels of any folding push scooter. The cro-moly frame and 12" tires withstand even the toughest scooting. The folding design allows for easy transport. Europe's finest folding scooter is now available in America.

    SidewalkerUSA.com is the USA dealer for Sidewalker Scooters

    Available from:
    NYCeWHEELS, 1603 York Avenue, NY, NY 10028, (212) 737-3078, www.nycewheels.com
    or visit http://www.sidewalkerscooters.com/stores.htm

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