How Electric Scooters Work

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How e-scooters work is by adding a motor and battery to an adult kick scooter. A switch to control speed (on/off or variable) and bicycle hand brakes are mounted on the handlebar. Batteries generally fit beneath your feet. Due to wide variety of scooters available and the minimal legislation regarding them, their speeds and range vary dramatically. Speeds start below 10 mph for some inexpensive imports to over 30 mph for the Badsey EMX Racer. Range varies from a few miles to 20 miles. Some have motor-protecting circuitry that requires your scooter to be moving before the assist starts. When the throttle switch is released, some scooter designs allow the motor to coast or "freewheel" like when you stop pedaling a regular bike. Simpler designs don't freewheel, and the drag of the idle motor slows the scooter.

Scooter users enjoy easy acceleration, hill climbing, and cutting through headwinds. Rechargeable batteries, usually sealed lead-acid (SLA), provide power for the electric drive motors. Charging costs less than 5 of electricity from common 110 VAC wall outlets. Charging times vary widely due to charger output and battery capacity, but you can expect to recharge in less than 8 hours with most stock chargers. Quick chargers are available.

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