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Background & In-depth Information

Status of PRT Projects

How and Why PRT works

Support PRT in the SF Bay Area

Background and In-depth Information

Find introductions to PRT at:

Evaluating Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Citizens for PRT is a volunteer organization that works to educate policy makers and the public about the potential of PRT. You'll often find them exchanging ideas and comments at prt-talk@yahoogroups.com

Books on PRT:

Presentation Outlines:

Status of Various PRT Projects

Cities21 in Palo Alto seeks a light electric shuttle to connect various companies within the Stanford Research Park with the California Avenue CalTrain station. Learn about their Full Scale Model (FSM) and innovative surveys:

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, had funding lined up for a PRT system, but then (due to political and economic forces) lost the funding. The first fare-collecting PRT system in the world now appears to be headed for London's Heathrow Airport:
Advanced Transport Systems ULTra web: http://www.atsltd.co.uk/

SkyWeb Express is the leading U.S.-based PRT system developer.

TriTrack plans to is building the vehicle to use on their test track in Texas.

MegaRail Transportation Systems, Inc. is currently building the first sections of the revised MicroRail guideway and will shortly be building parts for the first fully-functional, full-sized production prototype MicroRail car.

MISTER (Metropolitan Individual System of Transportation on an Elevated Rail) is active in Poland.

SkyTran is moving rapidly toward a PRT system in southern California.

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http://prtnews.com/wiki - both a source of information and an invitation to submit URLs for new and interesting developments about PRT that are available on the World Wide Web.

How and Why PRT Works

For a conceptual overview of how a PRT system works, visit Comprehensive bibliography of all aspects of PRT design and implementation:
Economics of PRT
  • PRT is affordable in four ways:

    1. Affordable to build/construct.
    2. Affordable to operate and maintain.
    3. Affordable to the consumer/user/rider.
    4. Affordable to modify/expand/re-use as needed.
Financing Milpitas' $100M PRT feeder to the BART station.

Support PRT in the SF Bay Area

Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association's proposal for a city-wide PRT system would save transportation dollars. The starting point is a crossing of the railroad tracks to connect Yosemite Dr. with Curtis Ave. near the Great Mall LRT station. Help this Milpitas organization demonstrate public support -- sign a resolution.

Learn more about PRT's potential for Milpitas at

Palo Alto-based Cities21 is working on several proposals in the SF Bay Area including Palo Alto's Stanford Research Park, Pleasanton's Hacienda Business Park, and a feeder-only system is proposed to serve Emeryville's activity centers while complementing existing transit infrastructure.

Learn more about PRT's potential for Santa Clara County at

Santa Cruz PRT is working with the public and private sectors to develop a test-case PRT in Santa Cruz.

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