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Electro Cycle E-4 Kit
for EZ-1 and EZ-3 Recumbent Cycles

Combine an EZ-1 or EZ-3 recumbent bike with a 500-watt drive system to get an extraordinary electric bike. The lowered seat and feet-ahead design of these bikes provide a comfortable, stable and safe ride. The Electro Cycle E-4 takes advantage of the bike's gearing to deliver great hill-climbing ability along with higher speeds - not just one or the other like most electric bikes. Most electric drive systems directly drive a wheel. The E-4 mid-drive motor system works in tandem with the rider's pedaling through the 7-speed rear deraileur, significantly increasing motor and battery efficiency for higher assisted speeds and better pulling power. The power-on-demand drive system means no pedeling is required, but your effort will extend the range and increase the speed. With the included charger, the stock E-4 battery pack can be fully re-charged in 4-8 hrs.depending on depth of discharge; another charger capable of charging in 2-4 hours is available.

The comfortable and streamlined recumbents from Easy Racers are excellent for transportation. The recumbent design reduces wind resistance and greatly increases comfort and safety over a standard upright trike. Recumbents are safer in two important ways: 1) sitting closer to the ground means that falls to the side hurt much less and 2) in a head-on collision, your feet in front provide shock absorbtion and prevent the head-first fall over the handle bars common in such collisions. It's long frame also allows for additional batteries, if needed, for longer range.

Click to see instructions for installing an Electro Portal E-4 kit on an EZ-1 or EZ-3.

The two-wheeled EZ-1 is the most popular recumbent on the market, largely due to its excellent reputation and low price. The three-wheeled EZ-3 provides the same great features with a stable, no-balancing-required configuration.

EZ-Series recumbents are a pleasure. You sit slightly reclined; back fully-supported, arms relaxed, neck straight; in a normal sitting position. Compare this with the contorted riding position on a traditional bike. No more stiff neck, aching back, numb hands or crotch. No straining either. A combination of lower mountain bike gears with higher road bike ranges ensures the correct gear ratio for any terrain.

Exotic looks, easy to maintain eye-catching styling gets you noticed. Standard bicycle components insure spares and repairs will be available at any bike shop worldwide. Panniers, racks, packs and most accessories work fine on these bikes. Car topping, trunk, or bumper rack transport work fine on most models. The original owner enjoys a limited lifetime warranty on steel frames and 3 years on aluminum frames. Limited warranty on fork, seat and other components. With a moderate weight of 39 lbs. and an overall length of 73" (only 6" longer than upright bikes), it stores and transports like a bike.

Editor's Note: At top speed, the steering on the EZ-3 is a bit twitchy; slow down if you feel unsafe.

The weather-proof permanent magnet, brushless motor with internal controller provides 500 watts sustained (700 watts peak) power. Torque rating is 20Kg-cm sustained with maximum torque of 42 Kg-cm. Combined with the maintenance-free, sealed planetary gear module, the E-4 is one of the quietest, strongest power assist systems available.

Other Features:
  • sealed, integrated planetary gear reduction module reduces motor speed from 2600 rpm (3600 maximum) to about 260 rpm (9.33:1) and produces a maximum torque of 42 Kg-cm.
  • integrated, advanced PWM controller provides immediate starting, smoothe acceleration, great low-speed control, and protection from overheating and low voltage
  • 24-volt 12Ah high-output sealed lead-acid battery pack with keyed ON/OFF switch and carrying handle for remote charging
  • 18-20 mph cruising speed (without pedaling, faster with pedaling), depending on conditions. (Special order sprockets add top speed but are only for the few States that allow higher than 20 mph top assisted speed.)
  • Range with the standard battery pack without pedaling is ~8 to 10 miles (140-175 lb. rider, level terrain, no wind, full power...), though significantly longer distances are achievable with light pedaling. (At only 27 lbs, the motor kit keeps the cycle light enough to still pedal comfortably. Customers with special needs and longer range can add a second battery pack. Once more reliable and affordable, lighter weight batteries will make the electric system even better.
  • 24-volt 1.8 amp smart charger won't overcharge batteries
  • Weight: motor and gearing = 7 lbs.; battery pack = 20 lbs.
  • Warranty: one year for motor/controller and charger; six months for batteries

Electro Cycle E-4 kit includes a motor mount bracket, battery pack, charger, throttle and wiring. Mounting brackets are available for the following:
Sun/Easy Racers EZ-1 SX Recumbent (red or blue)
Sun/Easy Racers EZ-3 trike (red or blue)
Sun/Easy Racers EZ-1 AX (better quality thru-out, silver)
Sun/Easy Racers EZ Sport

Accessories include:
Fenders for EZ-1 ; fenders for EZ-3
Rear Rack for EZ-1 (standard racks don't fit EZ series)
Underseat Pannier Rack for most EZ models
Basket for most EZ models (fits rear of seatback)
Battery deck for EZ-3 (fits over rear axle) [Click here for photos.]
[Click on photos for enlarged view or click here for in-use photos.]

Available from:

  • ElectroPortal, 236 W. Portal Ave. # 510, San Francisco, CA 94127, call first to arrange an appointment, cyclesales@electroportal.com, 415-564-6378 or 800-522-8513, www.electroportal.com (From a 6/10/2014 e-mail: "Yes, we sell the E4 kits with 24V 12Ah sealed lead acid battery, case, charger, wire harness, and motor mount kit for $775 including shipping to points within the USA. To Canada the price is higher due to the shipping.")

The EZ-1 and EZ-3 can only be shipped to bicycle dealers, not the final customer. Contact your local bike shop to order the bike, and arrange to have them install the Electro Cycle E-4 kit when they assemble the bike/trike. Unless you are an experienced bicycle mechanic, we recommend that your local bike shop assemble and tune your bike (approximate cost $100). Whoever installs the E-4 kit on a new or existing EZ-1 or EZ-3 will find these Web pages helpful:

Click here for ideas on customizing your betterbike.
Click to see how to install an Electro Portal E-4 kit on an EZ-1 or EZ-3.

Although at first glance the EZ-1 and EZ-3 appear much longer than a standard upright bicycle, they are only about 6" longer, allowing them to fit almost anywhere a standard bike fits.

The Electro Cycle E-4 kit comes with a 1.5A 24-volt chager with industry-standard XLR connector. Also included are motor cut-off brakes which, when squeezed, immediately shut off the motor. Although these are required in some jurisdictions and desired for individuals who might not release the throttle in a panic stop, many users elect not to use them. The stock brakes that come with the EZ-1 and EZ-3 work easier with the E-4 throttle. If the cut-off brakes are used, you may want to extend the stock handlebar on the right side using a pair of short aluminum tubes - one 2.5" long that's the same diameter as the handlebar and a 5" piece to fit inside the handlebar and the short extension. With installation of the motor assembly, the EZ-1/EZ-3 idler wheel (left photo, upper right corner) is no longer needed.

The battery pack can be placed in a rear basket, mounted on a rear rack, or tied on with bungee cords as shown here. The 37" rubber bungee cord hooks to the seat support (as shown by the arrow) and supports most of the battery weight. The rest is supported by the Velcro straps that are part of the battery pack. Instead of using a 19" bungee as shown here, a Velcro strap from the hardware store might work better. (Editor's note: if you plan to use a rear rack, be sure to get the one specfically designed for the EZ-1 or EZ-3 which are different from standard bike racks.)

These photos show the stock brake levers on the EZ-3. The left brake lever includes a button that locks the brake - a handy feature that keeps the bike from rolling away when it's parked. The right photo shows the E-4's variable-speed thumb throttle with on/off switch and battery level indicator. To allow space for the throttle, cut an inch off the handlebar grip.

With the E-4's unique mid-drive motor assist, all 21 gears are available (with no drag) when the rider wants to pedal without the motor assist. The left photo above shows the chains on the smallest cog and chain ring; the right photo shows the chains on the largest cog and chain ring. The double sprocket on the motor shaft includes the necessary free-wheel mechanism to allow motor-only drive, pedal-only drive and combined drive.

Click here for ideas on customizing your betterbike.

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