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Although far from the smallest, this Montague Paratrooper is a snap to fold. If you can afford the space, the larger wheels (26") help smooth out rough roads. Click Play button below for a Montague Folding Bike Demo

Montague and SwissBike Folders

Paratrooper with PHOENIX II

Paratrooper with KINETIC8-FUN

Montague Crosstown Foldable

Montague is the world’s leading maker of full-size folding bikes. They focus on performance and ride quality first, creating some of the most versatile bikes on the planet. All Montague bikes fold in a matter of seconds for the car trunk, train, or closet. Never before could a full-size bike fit your on-the-go lifestyle. The versatility of a Montague folding bike lets you choose just how you get from point A to B. Efficient, healthy, and green transportation will always be within reach.

All Montague bikes use full-size wheels, standard components, and a folding design that doesn’t break any of the frame’s tubing. Therefore, these full-size foldables are perfect for electric conversion since they can handle the high power and speed of electric motors.

Focus has always been on perfecting ride quality, handling, and comfort. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of these crucial components to have a bike that fits your lifestyle.

The Montague conversion (above) combines the Army-approved Montague Paratrooper with one of the following lightweight motors: PHOENIX II Hub, The ENDURO Hub, or The KINETIC8-FUN Mid Drive.

For typical configurations of Paratrooper with PHOENIX II click here.
For typical configurations of Paratrooper with KINETIC8-FUN click here.
To configure your own choose one of these calculators:ENDURO, KINETIC8-FUN, or PHOENIX II.

For pavement use, also consider the Montague Crosstown (3rd picture above) frame for motor conversion.

You can mount batteries in rear Topeak bag or use a water bottle battery (as shown mounted to the e-bike below). For more information on batteries click here.

Water Bottle Battery

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EcoBike Vatavio

EcoBike Vatavio offers a state of the art battery and frame design, and artfully combines the highest quality parts from the most competitive manufacturers – Shimano, SRAM, and Cionlli, to name a few. The result is a masterpiece in convenience, reliability, and style. Combining style with functionality, EcoBike is a world-renowned designer of quality electric bicycles, sold all over Europe and North America.

EcoBike offers three e-bike models including the Vatavio fold-and-carry electric bike (pictured above) which is innovative and well constructed. The Lithium-Ion Manganese battery power pack is lightweight, technologically advanced, and safe.  The EcoBike is powered by an innovative hub-mounted, brushless permanent magnet motor with a triple planetary gear drive system and proprietary heat resistant materials.  The Zero-Smart-Start speed controller delivers ease of use and smooth drive control and offers a multi-function variable speed output.  EcoBike electric bikes have been specially designed with the daily commuter in mind.

Find detailed specs on the Ecobike VATAVIO here: http://ecobike-usa.com/products/vatavio-folding-electric-bike.html.

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Trikke Pon-e/Colt

Get into the fold with this unique, one button, click and fold electric bike that is perfect for commuters, campers and city folks who have limited space but are looking for something that is fun, easy to ride and that will easily store in a closet or tuck into the trunk of a car. Speed: 16-18 miles per hour for about 20 miles.

  • 250- or 350-watt brushless, geared motor on front wheel
  • 16 or 18 mph using motor power only
  • Twist-throttle variable speed control
  • 36V 9Ah or 48V 11Ah Lithium battery
  • Weight = 42 or 46 lbs.
  • Pre-wired for lighting accessory
  • full specifications
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The electric bicycle big enough to ride and small enough to carry

The VeloMini® is the right bike for any lifestyle. Whether a person lives in the suburbs, the city, on campus, or near the harbor, the VeloMini will make getting around in style a little easier, and a lot more fun.

The powerful 180 watt brushless hub motor will transport a person 8 to 10 miles at speeds up to12 mph. It folds to 18 inches tall and fits into its own carrying case.

The VeloMini is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery hidden in the durable anodized aluminum frame. The VeloMini gives you three choices of motion; pedal like a bike, use the throttle like a moped, or turn it on and the pedal assist mode makes pedaling easy.

VeloMinis are small, light weight, stylish, versatile, convenient, and durable. They fold down so small you can take it with you practically everywhere, and are available in a number of appealing colors. Each VeloMini comes with a carrying case (which folds into a pack back), a carry strap, charger and tool kit.

The VeloMini Lite is a non-electric version with all of the features of the VeloMini but without the battery and motor - and only half the price.

For more information, visit www.VeloMini.com or contact Douglas Schwartz at 1-800-257-1759.

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eZeebike Quando

The eZeeBike has been a successful and sought-after line of e-bikes in Europe that are now available in the United States. Equipped with 250-watt silent (gearless) hub motors, a range of 20 miles and top assisted speed of 15 mph is possible with the two folding models - the eZee Quando and Quando II. Well-crafted aluminum alloy frames and lithium batteries make these bikes lighter than other electric bikes.

The Quando is small, comfortable, foldable, simple, and a joy to ride. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a compact folding electric bicycle. The Quando folds easily and conveniently so that it can readily be tucked into a corner. But the real fun is riding the Quando. It's like a fun little scooter that lets you pedal whenever you want. The Quando is the ideal solution for boat, plane, small apartment, or for those of us looking for a simple joy of a ride that lets us easily get around town and stay healthy too.

The Quando combines a powerful 250 watt motor, a long-range lithium ion battery, a well-designed folding frame, and compact 20 inch wheels. The Quando II lacks the rear suspension included in the Quando. As a result, the Quando II will fit smaller riders that the Quando. With a simple twist-grip throttle and no gears (no shifting required!), the Quando rides with the comfort of a bicycle yet has the convenience and ease of a small and delightful scooter. It is the ideal combination of simplicity, comfort, power, range, and storability.

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Folders with BionX motor system

Dahon MuP8 - electric folding bike
The Dahon MuP8 Bionx conversion is one of the lightest and most compact folding electric bicycles on the market. The Dahon Conversion incorporates the lightweight BionX kit and can be folded in less than 20 seconds into a size roughly 13" x 25" x 30". It has a range of 20-30 miles and either a pedelec or throttle console. This set-up is great for urban commuters, or anyone looking for a comfortable electric folding bike that can be taken most places a regular bike cannot.

Xootr Swift / BionX - electric folding bike

The Xootr Swift Bionx conversion is a light-weight folding electric bike that folds in two quick steps into a size of about 34" x 15" x 24". Great for anyone looking for a smooth ride that has the same fit as a full-size bike, or anyone looking for an electric folding bike that can be easily folded and stored in the trunk of a car or the closet.

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