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Current offerings in the NEV class include:

Also, see off-road electric utility vehicles (10 - 40 mph).


The Transporter golf car is perfect for use in planned communities, campuses, resorts, clubs, commercial properties, manufacturing facilities... GET IN AND GO FOR ONLY PENNIES A MILE.

STREET LEGAL! Headlights, brakelights, & turn signals makes the Transporter™ legal on streets with 25 MPH or less.

Standard Options Include:Headlights, brakelights, turn signals, recharger system, Curtiss controller (fwd & rev), 2 drink holders. Body is molded fiberglass with complete roof and windshield.

In addition to the Transporter pictured above, Cart-Rite offers The Hauler™ (cargo bed replaces rear basket), PeopleMover I™ (4-passenger), and PeopleMover II™ (6-passenger, pictured at right) models.

CART-RITE, 220 Bluffview Drive, Guilford, CT 06347, 203.457.9352, http://www.cart-rite.com

Available from:

Streetrod Kustom Karts
World's Finest Kustom Golf Cars

Each Kustom Kart is built to the customer's specifications. Streetrod Productions, Inc. hands-on craftsmanship assures you the most dependable performance available on the custom market today. Whether you are an avid golfer, estate owner or streetrod buff who likes to "cruise in style", your Kustom Kart will give you years of enjoyment.

Each factory-built Kustom Kart includes:

  • Custom molded fiberglass dash with beautiful woodgrain finish
  • Insulated beverage cooler 36 can capacity
  • Under-Seat storage tray
  • Jumpseat in back for extra passengers and receiver hitch for golf bag holder
  • and many other standard and optional features

WARRANTY, Full Factory Warranty Serviced by ANY Club Car Dealership!

Available from:
Streetrod Productions, Inc., 809 S. Front Street, Montezuma, IA 50171, Phone: 641-623-5201, http://www.streetrodproductions.com/index.php

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