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Kits to Convert Bikes to Electric: Crystalyte Hubs

Hub motor kits power the bike using a hub motor built into the bicycle wheel.

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Phoenix II Kit :A Guide to Choosing your kit

System Volts Amps Watts

Cruiser Top Speed
(High Speed Motor 26" Wheel Build)

Brute Top Speed
(High Torque Motor 26" Wheel Build)

RoadRunner Top Speed
(Small, Efficient, Light Weight Motor for 16" Wheel Builds Only )

3625 36V 25A 900W 26mph 21mph 14mph with 16" wheel build
4825 48V 25A 1200W 30mph 25mph 18mph with 16" wheel build
3640 36V 40A 1440W 32mph 28mph NA
4840 48V 40A 1920W 35mph 31mph NA
7240 72V 40A 2880W 45mph 37mph NA


Since our Phoenix motors are used for the EFB 4.0 Series Fat Bikes, any of our Phoenix II conversion kits can be used, as long as you're willing to wait for a custom build (1-2 weeks usually).
So if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, let us know and we can likely make it happen! Get it done your way, get it done right, and benefit for many years to come!

Restocking fee of 10% will be applied to cancelled orders. Restocking fee of 20% for the battery portion of the order only. Exchanges may be exempt from this fee depending on situation.

Phoenix II Owners Manual
Crystalyte Motor Kit Warranty

*DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE NUTS on the AXLE! This WILL strip the axle bolts.
*Re-true spokes (if necessary) within the first 200 miles of use to ensure long lifetime of ANY wheel build.
*Freewheels all come with 11T for max pedal assist speed. For even higher pedal assist speed consider Schlumpf 60T or 65T front chain ring.
*Torque arms are required for safety in front hubs. Rear hubs should not require torque arms.
*NEVER mount controllers inside a bag or box. BMC controllers have fins on them so they can be air cooled and they are sealed to protect them from the elements.
*Range estimate for batteries assumes a safe 70% depth discharge, NO PEDAL assist, and level terrain. Pedaling will increase range.
*We UNDERESTIMATE the range on purpose. Maximum range should be determined by monitoring Volts and Amps Hours, not miles.
*Take only short trips for first few charge cycles. Batteries that are new or have not been used for a while are unbalanced, so a "break in" period will increase performance and lifetime.
If you have any questions on ordering Crystalyte you can use this email: electroride@gmail.com