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Attractive and well-built, the LashOut electric scooter is a full suspension scooter that provides an ultra smooth ride. The design is sleek and logical. A hi-tensile steel chassis with impeccable attention to detail is covered by a brushed aluminum deck with slip resistant grip tape.

Ample standing room and ground clearance.

This is one of the largest platforms on an electric scooter and itís more than a foot off the ground so bottoming out on uneven surfaces is almost impossible.

The Suspension Factor.

The rear dual shocks are adjustable for different weight riders and terrains. 12" aluminum mag wheels and special electric vehicle tires are chain driven by a powerful 400 watt or 600 watt brushless DC motor. A superior dual brake system and stout 37"-high handlebar offers intuitive control of this incredible riding machine.

LashOut Products, 39252 Winchester Road, Suite 107-345, Murrieta, California 92563, Phone / Fax 1-866-4-LashOut (866-452-7468), http://www.lashoutproducts.com/lashoutscooter.html

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If you ever want to upgrade performance, Powerpack Motors offers high performance brushless motors that are compatible with the PowerCat Tiger and all Currie, Schwinn and Lashout electric scooters. The external controllers can run at 24, 36 or 48 volts (36V and 48V provide higher torque and speed). NYCeWheels offers a LashOut electric scooter 48V - 28mph using this motor/controller.

Prices range from $450 to $650 (seat kit = $50; handlebar bag = $75)

Available from:

  • Electric Transportation Solutions, 445 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 1102, White Plains, NY 10601, 866-343-5551, http://www.electrictransport.net
  • EVdeals, 9 South Street, Plainville, MA 02762, Phone: (508) 695-3717, Fax: (508) 643-0233. http://www.evdeals.com/
  • EV Tech, 4310 Wiley Post Rd #217, Addison, TX. 75001, (972)-851-9990, http://www.evtech.us
  • Electro Ride Bikes and Scooters (sponsor of this site), Milpitas, CA 95035-6913, 408/262-8975 (call for demo appointment)

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