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Earth friendly. Urban mobility. Lots of fun.

Fun toy or serious "green" transportation? Combine the two with the various E-Bikeboard models.

The E-Bikeboardís combined steering and spring rear suspension is designed for carving great turns. Its folding design makes it easy to store when not in use.

The E-Bikeboard carries its two easily-removeable rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries at the front fork. The pair of 24 volt, 10 ampere-hour LiPO batteries power the 500- or 1000-watt hub motor thatís also mounted in the front fork of the Bikeboard. The result is virtually silent and emissions-free transport for up to 30 miles on one battery charge. Depending on the model, the Electric-Bikeboard has a top speed of 15, 19 or 22 mph.

The carving ability of the E-Bikeboard is determined by the springset you order: stiff, medium or carve like crazy. Most security guards who must frequently stop and stand choose the stiff springs. Braking is by twin disk brakes in the rear and a V-brake in front. Speed and braking are controlled by grips on the handlebar. The whole thing weighs 66 pounds (or less for the S500) including batteries.

LED lights - for the headlight, taillight and brake light - are connected to main batteries. The lock and security system uses a remote control key system. The price of an E-Bikeboard is just under $2,500 and it can be operated on a few cents of electricity a day.

Options include:

  • 500- or 1000-watt motor
  • larger wheels for rough terrain
  • hard-shell storage case with generous 7 gallon capacity
  • removeable seat
  • rear-view mirror
  • mudguards/fenders for rear wheels
  • rigged for the golf course or security patroling
  • choice of three spring tensions

Originally designed and built in Switzerland, E-Bikeboards are now assembled in the United States and distributed and sold worldwide. Click to see the various models.

Click to see the informative video.

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