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Used in large cities for both transportation and sight-seeing, electric pedicabs offer the same rider experience as standard pedicabs but with a powerful assist for the driver.

Pedal-Electric Pedicab

Pedal-Electric Pedicab Frame and Chassis:

  • Tig-welded chromoly frame with powder-coat finish. Available in a number of colors.

  • Heavy-duty steel axles
  • Rear axle differential for outstanding maneuverability

Pedal-Electric Passenger Cab:

  • Fiberglass passenger cab with steel suspension sub- frame available in a variety of gelcoat colors.
  • Durable vinyl upholstery with padding
  • Pedal-Electric Pedicab Components: 21-speed drivetrain with indexed shifting.
  • Lights: Dual halogen headlight system (low/high) running lights, turn signals and brake light
  • Electric Assist Motor: 36-volt, 400-watt hub motor for hill climbing and fast acceleration.

Range depends on the type and size of the batteries. Main Street recommends using three Optima Yellow Top 65-amp hour batteries, each battery weighing 40 lbs (total 120 lbs.). Using this configuration, the operating time on level ground, without pedalling is approximately 5 hours. A six battery configuration has a range of 10 hours.

Pedal-Electric Pedicab Options:

  • Canvas canopy for passengers with zippable cover and clear oval rear window
  • Advertising frame and bracket: Aluminum frame on rear of cab to carry company name or advertising messages - 20" x 28" size.
  • 3 Optima "Yellow Top" battery - 65-amp hours.
  • 24-volt motors are also available, as are motors which are geared specifically for hill climbing, or speed.

Total Weight of Pedal-Electric Pedicab: 180 lbs. without batteries

Pedal - Electric Pedicab: Base Price: $4,300, with batteries $4,800
Retrofit Kit - $950 includes: built electric hub wheel, controller, cables and throttle. Batteries not included.

Main Street Pedicabs, 3003 Arapahoe Street, Suite 112, Denver, CO 80205
phone 303/295-3822; fax 303/604-2404, http://www.pedicab.com/pedalectric.html

Hybrid Electric Pedicab

Base Pedicab: Driver/front, Passengers/rear configuration:  $5,990
Base Pedicab: Driver/rear, Passengers/front configuration:  $5,490
Refurbished Pedicab: Existing Pedicab converted to electric:  $4,990
Retrofit Kit: Complete with Installation Instructions:  $1,990

All Hybrid Electric Pedicabs (HEPs) include crome-moly steel frame, fiberglass body with gel-coat finish (multiple colors available), black vinyl seat, 24 volt operating system (motor, controller, batteries); battery box and gel-cell batteries; 24 volt charging system, mechanical front and rear braking systems, industrial wheels and tires, heavy-duty shocks and springs.


  • Weather-proof canopy for passengers:  $350
  • Lighting System : Head, tail, brake, signals, battery:  $300
  • Hydraulic Brakes : Rear disc:  $250
  • Industrial Pick-up body:  $200
  • Concession Business Plan:  $500

ZEV Technologies, P.O. Box 6371, Syracuse, NY 13217-6371
Voice/Fax: (315) 635-5345, http://www.zevtech.com/hep.html

Cycles Maximus


Cycles Maximus offers some of the best pedicabs, cargo cycles and pedicab electric-assist systems available.  Now available in the United States, all Cycles Maximus electric-assist trikes feature:

• Hand-built, rugged construction    • Differential drive   • High specification components
• Lightweight with aircraft-grade steel    • Hydraulic brakes    • Choice of interchangeable bodies
• 24 speed transmission    • Electric Assist options 

Which results in a tricycle that is:

• Extremely reliable    • Highly maneuverable    • Easy and comfortable to ride
• Simple to maintain    • Very economical to run    • Zero pollution 

Cycles Maximus, 530 West 46th Street, Suite 4SW, N.Y., N.Y. 10036, 917-658-9467, http://www.cyclesmaximus.com

Power-Assist Wheelchair

Now you can conquer those steep hills and ramps with ease. Keep your manual wheelchair and be more active with e.motion!

  • Slight pressure to the push-rims propels the wheelchair ANY direction! Also assists the user when ready to stop.
  • Push-rim sensitivity is adjustable to meet the needs of the user. Each wheel is individually set to compensate for different skill levels.  
  • Each wheel has 10 different performance levels to choose from. Programming is changed on the wheel using a dial switch.  
  • Batteries are mounted in the wheel hubs and can be removed while seated. 
  • Wheels are easily removed with the quick release mechanism. Manual wheels are interchangeable with e.motion wheels in most cases.   E.motion can be installed on almost any manual wheelchair with a simple bracket installation.

Another product, E.Fix, combines safety and technology in this innovative lightweight power add-on system for manual wheelchairs. With E.Fix installed, wheelchairs remain foldable and portable. Users can easily switch from power to manual operation with a quick turn of the wheel hubs. The ergonomic joystick controller indicates battery capacity on a back lit LCD panel. Components are quick release making E.Fix an ideal travel partner. The e.fix E20 is compatible with ASL switch systems for applications involving alternative drive options. E.Fix and Scalamobil can be installed on the same wheelchair creating an electric stair-climbing wheelchair! 

Frank Mobility Systems, Inc., 1003 International Drive , Oakdale, PA 15071
Toll Free (888) 426-8581, Phone (724) 695-7822, Fax (724) 695-3710

For other electric-assist wheelchairs, see

   Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 15:30:56 -0000
   From: "dan hornby" <sakurab@netcomuk.co.uk>
   Subject: Re: power assist wheelchair
Some time ago we sold  a number of front ends of our front wheel drive electric folding bike to a company, that converted them into fitting on the front of standard wheelchairs, effectively making a powered wheelchair trike. They then ripped off the design and had it copied in Korea.  It was easy enough to do, take the front end of a folding bike, put an electric hub motor in the front wheel add a battery  controller and a hand throttle, fix a tube under the seat of a wheelchair, slide the front end of the folder into the tube and lock it in place, result 3 wheel wheelchair with power. cost, Chinese motor controller throttle battery old folding bike some tubing should do the lot for less than $400.00  -- Dan Hornby

Storm Electric Go-Karts

The Storm Electric Go-Kart by Bowman is an open wheel racecar that offers exceptional responsive and precise handling. The exhilarating acceleration and performance has got to be experienced to be believed.

Racers know that the first driver to get the power down in a corner will have the greatest speed and best track position at the end of the straight. The Storm's tight and responsive handling for precise corner entry and it's awesome power to accelerate rewards that driver with clean thrilling passes.  This thing accelerates like you were shot out of a cannon.

The Storm from Bowman has made it possible for anyone to enjoy the thrill of the race driver's experience. 

Available from The EVonnit Corp., 332 Quaker Road, Chappaqua New York 10514, 877-262-0689, http://www.electricgocarts.com/

Vector Go-Karts

Vector is a new breed of electric powered vehicles. Picture yourself zipping around in the coolest go-kart on the road. Powered by a quiet electric motor with a top speed of 20 mph, you won’t disturb the neighbors as you cruise through the campground, golf course, beach, race track or just around the neighborhood.

ITV, Jamul, Ca 91935, (619)669-6850, http://itransv.com/index.html/

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