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Civilized (motor-scooters): eGO-2 Cycle, e-Moto Scooters, Zapino, Falcon Hummer, EVT, GreenEmotor, Falcon EV motorscooters. Additional scooters in this category may be found at EVfinder.com


Not quite a bike, scooter, or moped, but a combination of all three.

The Jetson scooter-bike is easier to ride than a bicycle. In fact, don't count on the pedals for locomotion. They work, but only up to about 5 mph.

The Jetson's full suspension, 40-mile range, and two-person carrying capacity make it stand out in a crowd of scoots.

Retail prices range up to $2000 + shipping. Available from:

e-Moto Scooters

e-Moto offers four different body styles - three cover a 2000-watt motor and long-range (up to 40 miles) environmentally clean battery pack combination. Developed for use in the harshest of conditions, e-Moto’s cutting edge Silicon Batteries (8 wired for 48 volts) provide incredible performance while being kind to the environment. Like Lithium batteries, the Silicon battery has no chemical memory and provides full performance throughout the charge capacity and 500- to 1,000-cycles of lifespan. The e-Moto controller uses a German-designed, microprocessor controlled computer that provides an aggressive acceleration profile, while maintaining safe and economical operation. The controller is mounted within a sealed, cast aluminum case, and is internally protected against short and fire. All e-Moto scooters are built by an ISO-9000 certified facility in China. Click to learn more about e-Moto technology.

Although e-Moto scooters have enough power to reach 40 mph or more, the follow the federal DOT guidelines (and various state laws) by electronically limiting the top speed to 28-mph. This limit allows riders to use the scooter on city streets without any special license or endorsement; similar to the rules in place for sub-50cc gas scooters. Competitors scooters that advertise speeds exceeding 28-mph will require riders to have a special license or endorsement to ride legally.

The e-Moto Metro (above, red) brings green transportation technology to the commuter or recreational rider. The e-Moto Classic (right, silver)combines smooth body lines and chrome accents to create the timeless look of a vintage European scooter. The ultra-modern e-Moto Volt (right, red) is the perfect scooter for urban commuters with its sleek curves and twin headlights.

The e-Moto Retro (yellow) is a ¾ scale scooter for smaller riders who want a popular, vintage-styled scooter. Combining a slightly shorter handlebar with a lowered seat-height, the Retro is a lighter, more nimble scooter. It comes with a 1,500-watt motor coupled to a 4-battery 48-volt Silicon battery pack that has a range of nearly 25-miles* on a full battery charge.

Available from:


Filling the gaps between Point A to Point B transportation, ZAP has finally found the middle road. The new Zapino Electric Scooter is a great link between ZAP's personal transporters and electric cars. Not only economical and non-pollutant, the Zapino Electric Scooter is also powerful with an advanced 3000-watt brushless DC hub motor, perfect for city commuting. Able to reach speeds of about 30 mph, you will be able to keep up with city traffic without contributing to city pollution.

The hub motor in the rear wheel creates more room on-board for additional batteries, greater functionality and performance. This eliminates the need for belts, or chains, resulting in a more enjoyable ride with less vibration and noise, and a smoother acceleration while reducing overall maintenance.

Click to view Zapino Owner's Manual

Motor: 3000W Super efficient brushless hub motor
Max Torque: 120NM/900RPM
Max Speed: about 30 mph
Range: up to 30 miles each charge*
Brake: Rear and front disc
Weight Limit: 280 lbs.
Battery: 60V 38AH Batteries
Net Weight: 297lbs (includes battery)
Optional Upgrade: 60v 40AH Lithium battery; up to 65 mile range
Climbing ability: 25% grade with 177lb rider*
Intelligent Controller and DBI-digital
3000 peak watts, 60 volts (This is the most powerful electric scooter in its class.)
* Factors such as weather, terrain, and load affect results.

Note: Some states will classify the Zapino Electric Scooter as a "moped" while others put it in the "motor driven cycle" category. Learn your local rules.

Available from:

Falcon Hummer Li

The Falcon Hummer is the first compact scooter in the business to offer room for 2 riders!!

These scooters are made for older teens and adults who want reliable short-to-medium range transportation that is not limited by hills. This is the first compact scooter in the business to offer room for 2 riders! The Falcon Hummer scooter is street legal and complies with European EEC and USA DOT guidelines (headlight, brake light, and turn signals). Built in Taiwan, known for quality manufacturing, the Falcon's unique updated RODAN controller technology provides real performance and greatly increased hill climbing. The specially designed instrument panel (with mileage and level-of-charge indicator) shows the current speed, distance traveled and remaining power level in your battery.

This is a heavy duty electric scooter capable of traveling at 40 mph with a 375-lb. rider, or for ranges up to 20 - 25 miles at slower speeds. This scooter really can handle two riders (total weight of 400 lbs.) with no problem! The key to such performance is a 5000-watt motor combined with 225-amp controller. Range comes from a 24V/40Ah battery supply which is 3 - 4 times larger than most scooters! Easily handles most off road conditions. Features include full suspension, front disk brake, wide flat-proof tires, and fast charger that fills up the battery in 4 hours or less. Quiet belt drive includes automatic belt tensioner for 4X longer belt life. The Falcon Hummer can run on 1 or 2 battery packs. Comes with a full one year warranty.

Falcon Hummer offers detailed information thumbnail links to large photos of details at: http://www.falconev.com/Forsen.html

Prices vary depending on choice of lead-acid, NiMH or Lithium battery pack.

Available from:

Electric Vehicle Transportation (EVT)

The implementation of the 48 Volt, Direct Drive Hub Motor in conjunction with The Intelligent System Controller has allowed the construction of a Totally Electric Scooter (The EVT- 4000e pictured here) that obtained first place in the category of "Electric Scooters" in the German Solar Vehicle Championship Year 2000 and Year 2001, sponsored by the Solar-Vehicle Federation of Germany. Likewise, The Taiwan Electric Vehicle Association on February 25, 2000, awarded The EVT-4000e with the first place in the "Eyewitness For the Electric Scooter Cruising Range Race" when it outperformed all other electric scooters by cruising for 81 kilometers (50 miles). In fact, the EVT Electric Scooters won first, second and third places in this long-range distance competition.

Rides and handles like a Vespa type scooter, and will (reportedly) top out at 42 MPH with a 130 pound rider. Handling is very solid due to full suspension system, disk brakes at the rear and drum up front. The power rating of the hub motor is 1500 watts, same as the Voloci.

Other Models:
EVT 168, EVT 168 3-wheeler
EVT 150, EVT 4000e 3-wheeler

Available from:

Here's a set of plans for a street legal, affordable, and dependable solar powered scooter. The PV panels fold in for driving, and out for charging. Don rides the scooter 5 miles to work each day, and can fold the panels out for charging the battery while parked at work.

Green E-Motor

Take it to work, take it to school. Even take it grocery shopping. GreenEmotor offers 2 styles, 5 colors, and 2 motor sizes. With one year warranty and technical support they stand behind these 100% electric, DOT approved, street legal scooters. DOT features include headlights (high- and low-beam), taillights, stop light, turn signals, horn and brake-activated motor shut-off. Additionally, the "passing light" feature causes the headlights to flash on and off to get attention of other drivers. Full suspension offers a smooth ride for one or two passengers with a combined weight of 400 lbs. The dual-mode drive set to "climbing mode" will take a 260-lb. rider up all but the steepest San Francisco hills. Climbing mode is also helpful by extending your range once the battery level drops below 50%.

GreenEmotor offers one of the best solutions available for America's dependence on foreign oil. This energy-conscious company specializes in the design and development of zero emission scooters. Their scooters are both emission-free and powerable with home-grown electrons.

e-Cruiser and e-Runner 160

  • Standard 1600 watt sealed brushless DC motors
  • 4X12 V /40A Silicon Lead-Acid battery (optional) Lithium-Ion battery for light weight and extended battery life.
  • Charger output 48 V/3.5A or 48V/10A (optional) power supply 110V
  • Maximum speed up to 30 mph
  • Distance between charge up to 50 Miles
  • Maximum climb slope 20% zero start
  • Weight of scooter 245 Lb
  • Maximum passenger weight 350 Lb
  • Brakes: disc (front) drum (rear)
  • Oil pressure (hydraulic) shocks, front and rear
  • Storage space in rear and under seat , (optional) rack adapter
  • Warranty: One year exclude physical damages and the wear and tear items (tires/bulbs,etc.) battery warranty is limited to 5,000 mile or 6 month, whichever occurs earlier.
  • High/low headlight beam (LED light optional)
  • No gear shift required

e-Cruiser and e-Runner 220

  • Standard 2200 watt sealed brushless DC motors
  • 5X12V /40A Silicon Lead-Acid battery (optional) Lithium-Ion battery for light weight and extended battery life.
  • Charger output 60 V/3.5A or 60V/10A (optional) power supply 110V
  • Maximum speed up to 42 mph (30 mph in CA)
  • Distance between charge up to 50 Miles
  • Maximum climb slope 20% zero start
  • Weight of scooter 285 Lb
  • Maximum passenger weight 400 Lb
  • Brakes: disc (front) drum (rear)
  • Oil pressure (hydraulic) shocks, front and rear
  • Storage space in rear and under seat , (optional) rack adapter
  • Warranty: One year exclude physical damages and the wear and tear items (tires/bulbs,etc.) battery warranty is limited to 5,000 mile or 6 month, whichever occurs earlier.
  • High/low headlight beam (LED light optional)
  • No gear shift required

GreenEmotor scooters are designed for minimum maintenance. Start by replacing a complex gas motor with an electric motor that has only one moving part. By placing the motor in the hub of the rear wheel, there's no need for a chain or belt, and no to need to adjust or maintain them. The motor is brushless, so there's no motor brushes to replace or cause wear-related problems. All parts are available and factory technicians are ready to answer questions and, if necessary, fix your scooter. Your one-year unlimited mileage warranty covers both parts and labor for all parts except the consumables (batteries, tires, light bulbs and brake pads). This combination of design, parts availability and warranty ensures that your investment will continue to run and pay dividends far into the future.

The battery charger is external rather than integrated into the scooter. This allows you to buy a faster charger or a second charger for work. An external charger does cost you some space in the under-seat compartment. Use any standard 110VAC outlet to charge your scooter.

Unlike electric bicycles, these motor scooters require a driver's license (with an M2 sticker) and, possibly, insurance. Because the speed is kept to 30 mph or less, only a bicycle helmet is required.

Storage includes a glove compartment (behind the headlight), an under-seat compartment, and a small rack at the rear of the seat. The stock rack can be replaced with a larger rack and one cubic-foot storage box that mounts solidly to the frame of the scooter. People also carry stuff on the floor between their legs. An optional windscreen (fairing) is planned along with other customizing options.

For out-of-area orders, these scooters arrive almost ready-to-go. Remove the packaging, charge the battery pack, install the side mirrors and rear wheel guards (with the included tools), adjust the rear brake if necessary (just turn a knob with your fingers), and it's ready to roll.

Delivery available to anywhere in the U. S. Shipping costs start at $200 for locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call with your ZIP code for a shipping quote. Financing is available through a third party.

For more photos and information, see http://www.greenemotor.com

Available from:

Falcon EV Scooters

Matrix, Proton, Vista, and Electron

Lithium Electric scooters for Discerning Performance Minded Riders

Free yourself from buying expensive gasoline. Everyday you ride your E-scooter, your investment pays for itself.

Full Size E-scooters for Dependable, Reliable Transportation Falcon full size Hi Performance electric scooters powered by our Lithium phosphate batteries are unique in the USA. Heavy duty controllers and motors will keep these reliable e-machines running for years w little or no owner maintenance. Our speed/range capabilities are superior to any other e-transporter in the world. If you want a custom electric scooter and can afford the best; then you have come to the right place.

The Electron (pictured) is an E-scoot with quicker acceleration than a 49cc gas scooter and a 33 mph top speed. Electron is the first E-scoot with DUAL motors! One in each wheel! The 48V system is well built with quality better than gas scooters. Cargo box included! Their 20 to 25 mile range is more than what most folks need in one day.

Available from:


E-MAX Electric Scooter - Range, Power and Great Design

Is it the ‘Ideal Second Car’? - Small and easy to use, scooters have long been popular in cities in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. But lately, the economics of scootering has helped them gain fans here in the U.S. With a final bill that won't exceed most credit-card limits, an E-Max electric scooter makes a great substitute for a car or an ideal spare vehicle for errands.

E-MAX is a two seat electric scooter powered by 8 x 12V silicone batteries arranged in two parallel 48V strings which drive a 1500W or 2000W hub motor. E-Max can reach a top speed of 28mph (33 mph for SP2000 model), so should be registered as a moped in most states. The range is reliably close to 30 miles (40 miles SP 2000), so can be driven 15-20 miles each way with no need to recharge in between trips. The Silicone batteries can be recharged at least 400 times which will give battery life for about 12,500 miles. Disk brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear provide excellent stopping power. The maximum payload of 330lbs will handle a rider and passenger without a problem.

“Early reports are quite positive — apparently the claimed performance (speed and range) are accurate and that the build quality is excellent.” – Tree Hugger.com

Tried and proven, the German e-Max has true global influence. E-MAX GGC has distribution facilities in Unterschleissheim, Germany as well as Sweden, Greece, The Netherlands, Australia and now the U.S.A.! 95% of e-Max production is performed by GGC (German People) in the E-MAX Scooter facility in China. All decisions regarding production and development are German. All parts have been tested by a German technical laboratory (TUV).

Available from:

Sol Gato

A true sit-down scooter! Clean, fast, fun transportation! The current state of the art in clean, quiet transportation, the Sol Gato operates at 24 volts DC with a range of 15-20 miles between charges with the included lead-acid battery pack. This is a true scooter, with a top speed of 20-25 mph – not a portable fold-up model – and may require licensing depending upon local traffic laws. The Sol Gato comes with a white body, completely assembled and ready to ride.


  • Top Speed: up to 30 mph
  • Range: Up to 20 miles
  • Battery: Flooded lead-acid battery pack (included)
  • Charger: 110 volt (included)
  • Options:
  • Red or Blue body, $200
  • Advanced Battery Pack: $330 (if purchased with scooter)
  • Advanced Battery Pack: $380 (purchased separately)
  • Wire Basket (mounts to rear carrier bar): $29.95
  • Saddle Bags: $175
  • Enclosed Carrier Basket with lock: $180
  • Battery Fuel Gauge: $125

Available from:

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