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Faster speeds, longer ranges, and full enclosures make these Commute EVs a practical choice for commuters.

TriTrack StreetTM

This car will revolutionize transportation with its dual mode-ready compatibility.  As a street machine this three-wheeled hot swappable battery pack gives infinite range within the city bounds and 155-mile range beyond the battery exchange network.  As a street machine it can be licensed as either a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) or as a full speed motorcycle.  The battery mule exchanges seamlessly at speed meaning no more trips to a nasty gas station or waiting for a battery to charge.    The body is also optimized for both aerodynamics as well as safety. The average car uses half its energy to overcome wind resistance at 55mph. The TriTrack Street has less than half the wind resistance of the average car. 

Body Specifications:

  • Seats four passengers -- two by two
  • 18 cubic feet trunk capacity with lighting
  • Ultra-Streamlined. Optimized by wind tunnel testing to a drag coefficient of only .15.
  • Front/Rear independent hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Windshield wipers
  • 240" length, 167.4" wheelbase, 48.5" width, 54" height
  • Passive restraint system
  • Electric Accessories: 110 VAC outlet, 12 VDC outlet, Air Conditioner, Nice tunes w/ subwoofer, TV, Internet
  • Pick your favorite color from 300 awesome custom colors
  • Composite body shell with aluminum honeycomb core sandwich construction
  • Three-wheeled vehicle registers and insures as a motorcycle. Less than half the insurance of a car.



Freeway Model:

  • The latest AC motor technology.
  • 96 volts 500A max (almost 70 hp)
  • Top speed: 110 mph (177 kph)
  • Regeneration (adjustable). Almost never need to use your actual brakes! Adds safety, efficiency, and reduces brake pad wear.
  • 96V 100Ah of Third Generation Lithium Batteries with 2000 charge cycles. (Other sizes and battery types available.)
  • Under 750lbs including 250lbs Lithium batteries.
  • Early Investor Price: $24,995 for 60-95 miles range (96V 100Ah)
  • Estimated Retail Price will be $29,995 after the first TriTracks are delivered to early investors this Spring/Summer of 2011.
  • Price: $ask for quote for 130-155 miles range (same vehicle, more batteries)

Non-Freeway Model:

  • Brushed Permanent Magnet Motor
  • 72 volts 150A. 8 hp continuous -- 18 hp peak
  • Top speed: 70 mph (113 kph)
  • Price: $19,995

Planned Options/Upgrades:

  • Efficient electric heating.
  • Custom fit car cover.

Electro RideTM offers this vehicle, 415-579-1966
Email: electroride@gmail.com

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The mockup vehicle is back after being displayed at the Alt-Car Expo show in Austin Texas.

The following patents apply:
others patents pending

The CycleCar

"A freeway capable commuter vehicle with all the latest electric technology."
The first affordable car was called the "Cyclecar" in 1910. (Wikipedia: Cyclecar)
This new CycleCar strives for its place in history as the first affordable electric commuter with plenty of performance and range.

Body Specifications:

  • Seats two passengers side by side.
  • 10 gallon trunk capacity with inside light.
  • Front/Rear independent hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Front/Rear hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Windshield wipers.
  • 97" length, 74" wheelbase, 56" width, 55" height.
  • Two tone upholstery seats - Automatic rectractable seat belts.
  • Electric Accessories: 12 Volt Socket, Parking Light, Inside Cabin Light
  • 2 tone painting. Standard colors red, white, blue, yellow. Black top and underside.
  • Security glass sunroof.
  • Three wheeled vehicle registers and insures as a motorcycle. Less than half the insurance of a car.

Freeway Model:

  • The latest AC motor technology.
  • 74-80 volts 500A max (almost 50 hp)
  • Top speed: 70 mph (110 kph)
  • Regeneration (adjustable). Almost never need to use your actual brakes! Adds safety, efficiency, and reduces brake pad wear.
  • 74V 100Ah of Third Generation Lithium Batteries with 2000 charge cycles. (Other sizes and battery types available.)
  • Under 600lbs including 200lbs Lithium batteries.
  • Price: $16,000 for 40-60 miles range (74V 100Ah)
  • Price: $19,000 for 80-100 miles range (same vehicle, more batteries)

Non-Freeway Model:

  • Brushed Permanent Magnet Motor
  • 72 volts 150A. 8 hp continuous -- 18 hp peak
  • Top speed: 45 mph
  • Price: $10,000

Planned Options/Upgrades:

  • Enclosure on the side windows. (See photo at right.)
  • Efficient electric heating.
  • Custom fit car cover.

Electro RideTM offers this vehicle, 415-579-1966, electroride@gmail.com

Aptera 2e

"We love the promise of a bright future and believe that by thinking more efficiently today, we make tomorrow that much brighter."

Possibly the most radical design available in electric vehicles, the Aptera 2e offers all the features of full-sized cars with extraordinary styling and performance.

While the government currently classifies any three-wheel vehicle as a motorcycle, Aptera makes their vehicles meet passenger car safety standards. Composite body structures provide an impact-resistant exterior that is lighter than steel but three times as strong. Under the skin, the safety continues with some more familiar features, including three-point seatbelts, side impact door beams, a roll bar, a tire pressure monitoring system, front airbags, side-curtain airbags and crumple zones in both the front and rear. Additionally, a low center of gravity makes the vehicle incredibly stable and nimble, and lightweight construction means it’s about one-half as hefty as a Toyota Prius, which helps in braking.

In aerodynamics, the word drag defines air’s natural tendency to slow things down. It steals your vehicle's energy and decreases your fuel economy. To be more efficient, aim to reduce drag by becoming more aerodynamic - much like a bird gliding through the wind. The aerodynamically-efficient design of the Aptera reduces freeway energy use by more than 50 percent, and overall it uses an average of 10 times less fuel to move people. With a low drag coefficient of 0.15, the Aptera 2e realizes less drag than Lance Armstrong on a ten speed!

The 2e is designed to charge overnight using your ordinary garage outlet (110v) so that it's energized and ready to start the new day with you. The 100 miles of range will only cost you about $0.50.

There's just something breathtaking about seeing the 2e's gullwing doors open to reveal the comfortable cabin. It's not for show, though, as the short swing paths of the doors allow for easy entry and exit from the vehicle in tight spaces.

  • Curb weight = 1500 lbs.
  • Motor power approximately 100 hp (plenty for this light weight vehicle)
  • 10 - 13 Kw-hr battery pack
  • Battery voltage = 336 Volts DC from Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP)
  • Range up to 100 miles per charge
  • Warranty = four years or 50,000 miles
  • Solar-reflecting glass
  • Opional backup camera
  • Learn more at https://www.aptera.com

Available in 2009, the Aptera 2e all-electric model will give you over 100 miles per charge (300mpg). The 2e can be charged by a standard outlet (110v) in under 8 hours. A fully refundable $500 deposit that is held in an escrow account guarantees your reservation, and will be applied to the final purchase price of your new Aptera. You can ask for a full refund of your deposit at anytime, no questions asked. https://www.aptera.com/reserve.php

Myers Motors NmG (formerly the "Corbin Sparrow")

The vision of where this industry is headed is the Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV). Think of it as a one-person electric car. They're clean, quiet, and efficient. Like a car, PEVs provide the user with point-to-point transportation. Designed for one or two persons and a small amount of cargo, their range, speed, and cost are moderate. The Myers NmG is the premier example of a PEV. It's a three-wheeled electric vehicle: two wheels up front, one behind. Designed from the ground up, it takes you 40 miles at 60 mph. Price: $24,900.


  • 156 volts DC (Thirteen 12-volt batteries in series)
  • Three wheeled vehicle registers and insures as a motorcycle
  • 1350 pounds curb weight (approx. 612 kg)
  • 61 inch (155 cm) wheelbase
  • 57 inch (145 cm) vehicle height
  • Top speed: 70+ mph (110 kph)
  • Range: 30-60 miles (65-97 km) with stock lead-acid batteries
  • (Range: 150 miles (65-97 km) with new Li-Poly batteries)
  • Price: $34,900

This gold Sparrow made an appearance in the Mike Myers movie "Austin Powers, Goldmember"

Learn more about the Sparrow and its history at:

Myers Motors, LLC. 180 South Ave. Tallmadge, OH 44278 1.866.MYERSPV


The design goal was to create a simple, low cost personal mobility vehicle that could function in a four-season environment on city streets. The vast majority of vehicle trips are local (20 miles or less) by one person. A small battery pack is adequate for these short trips and re-charging opportunities are available from every standard electrical outlet. Every convenience store is a power station. Energy efficiency reduces electricity cost to only 1 cent per mile. A light-weight vehicle is suitable for many short trips within the community provided if it offers some features not typically found on two wheeled bicycles and scooters:

  • Cargo capacity (two bags of groceries)
  • Stability (three wheels)
  • Visibility in traffic (Fairing shell)
  • Weather protection (wind and rain)
To achieve these design goals, a three wheeled Cyclecar stance (two wheels in front, one in rear) was chosen to provide the most stable configuration. As such, the vehicle is licensed and insured as a motorcycle and would meet D.O.T. standards for this vehicle class. All controls are handlebar mounted and hand operated. A single piece fairing provides wind and weather protection, yet tilts forward to allow easy access and exit. The open sides eliminate the need for opening windows or doors yet permit hand and arm access to mail boxes, drive up windows etc. The fairing also reduces aerodynamic drag significantly, while increasing visual mass and presence in traffic. The driver sits at automotive height with other drivers, yet the smaller vehicle footprint creates more maneuvering room within the traffic lane. A smaller footprint also makes parking easy - and available in small parking spots not available to cars.

Check out these educational and entertaining good reasons to BugE.

How far it will go depends on many factors, but generally you could expect (with a full charge and level terrain, no stop and go) 20 miles @ 40 mph, 30 miles @ 30 mph, 40 miles @ 20 mph. The BugE has only 75 part numbers and 7 major components, and weighs only 350 lbs. Get answers to your questions at BugE FAQs, BugE Specifications, BugE Owner's Manuas, and BugE videos.

You can buy an assembled BugE from Harvey Coachworks & EV, 2130A Jefferson Pike, Knoxville, MD 21758, (Toll Free) 877-749-9730, http://www.harveyev.com

The BugE also comes as a kit that sells for approx. $4000. Learn more about kit options and pricing.

Designed and built by Blue Sky Design, 49 N. 2nd St., Creswell, Oregon 97426, 541-895-5421, http://bugev.net/


"Ultra narrow freeway-capable safety vehicles that fit anywhere a motorcycle can."

This is a two-person commuter car. (It takes two to Tango).

Comes in 3 models and price ranges:

  • T600 => 0-60 in 4 seconds. A luxury race car that outperforms the Dodge Viper. ~$85,000 (George Clooney's new electric car.)
  • T200 => 0-60 in 5 seconds. ~$39,900
  • T100 => 0-60 in 7 seconds. ~$18,700

From Commuter Cars' web site: You may have seen us driving the Tango prototype around Spokane or racing it at Woodburn, Oregon (sans body) and wondered "what the heck is that thing?!" This site, which will be updated when the Tango is complete, will try to provide all the information you're looking for.

The Tango, the first vehicle produced by Commuter Cars, will be a prime example of what we believe the future of commuting will be. Our requirements of this car (safety, etc.) will be found in every vehicle we ever produce.

Commuter Cars, 715 E. Sprague, Ste. 114, Spokane, WA 99202
Phone = (509) 624-0762. Fax = (509) 624-1466, Bryan Woodbury

Here's a note from an interested party (Feb. 2006):

    I was impressed tnough with the specs on the Tango that I am thinking of upgrading to the T200 and paying extra $500 refundable if I get this senior position at Sony. He said I could change my mind and get the T100 if finances are not there. The T200 will be out sooner and I am eager to get one.

    The T100 is either front wheel or back wheel drive and has 100 kilowatts of power (50Kw per wheel). It goes 0 to 60 in 7 seconds (no shifting!). Retail should be $18,700. The T200 is also 50 kilowatts per wheel but has all wheel driving giving it twice the power at 200 kw. It goes 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. Retail should be $39,900.

    The race car that you can buy today for $85,000 (incentive for investing in the technology for rich folks) has 2000 amp Zilla controller with peak 600 Kw (150 kw per wheel). The motors produce over 1000 ft-lbs of torque. This is just an insane amount of power. It goes to 0 to 60 in 4 seconds but could accelerate faster were in not for fact that the tires would delaminate. It actually becomes more of a tire durability issue to accelerate faster. The myth that electric cars can't climb hills is kind of mute with this car. Since on a race track they do not go up hills and there are no police officers, they have a gearing unavailable to the public that gets the car up to 200 mph. They don't show it on the website but I have a picture of the car peeling out with smoke coming from the wheels. They are trying to send a message that these cars are superior performers to standard gas cars.


  • 8.5KW 120V AC
  • Lithium powered
  • Capacity, 2 humans, 1 dog
  • 450 lbs - 7' x 5' x 5'
  • Speed - 25 to 50+
  • Alarm, FM - CD player
  • 12" tires
  • 1 year warranty
  • $18,000 and up depending on battery size

Available from:

The Twike

The world's most energy efficient two passenger motorized street vehicle is now licensed and turning heads on the streets of Seattle! The TWIKE was recently featured in The Seattle Weekly where it was awarded "Best of Seattle" status among urban transportation options.

Length / width / height:2650 / 1200 / 1200 mm (103 / 47 / 47 inches)
Unladen weight:220 - 250 kg (485 - 550 lbs), including batteries
Capacity:2 adults (plus baggage)
Maximum speed:85 km/h (52.7 mph)
Maximum permitted slope:22 %
Consumption:4 - 8 kWh / 100 km
Chassis:Aluminium space frame construction
Body:Luran®S, thermoplastic
Power source:5 kW electric motor with pedal assist
Brakes:Hydraulic disc and drum brakes
Battery:NiCd, 2 kWh or 3 kWh
Charging time:1 - 2 hours Range:40 - 80 km (25 - 50 miles)
Manufacturer:TWIKE AG, CH-4450 Sissach, Switzerland, http://www.twike.us/

This Swiss designed and beautifully engineered vehicle is commercially available from mike.patterson@twike.us

Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 11:21 AM
Subject: Twike $16,000

The Twike is about 4 feet high, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, with three wheels - two drive wheels in the rear and one front wheel. Its aluminum space frame is covered with a tough, lightweight plastic shell, and the windshield is made of Plexiglas (or safety glass with heating wires). The motor, transmission and batteries are all in the rear, creating excellent traction similar to the old Volkswagon bug.

The Twike's battery system was quite unique until Toyota borrowed the basic design for its hybrid electric Prius sedan, which has a single pack with 240 nickel metal hydride (NiMh) batteries. The Twike has either two or three battery packs, each with 280 C-cell nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries run in series. Each battery pack is controlled by a computer board that carefully monitors the charge level and temperature of each cell. Fully charged, each battery is about 405 volts (V). The D/C-to-A/C inverter powers a 5 Kilowatt (KW), 330V AC electric motor.

The Twike's motor bike tires are mounted on alloy rims. The rear brakes are hydraulic and the front brake is a cable brake. The emergency/parking brake is cabled to the rear wheels. The regenerative braking system is controlled with a button on the beechwood handle of the steering joystick. One unique Twike feature is that both the acceleration and the regenerative braking have cruise control, very handy when riding up and down the Swiss Alps! The acceleration cruise control allows the Twike to maintain a steady speed regardless of the pedaling status of the driver and passenger.

The Twike's NiCad system can propel it about 45 miles between charges and the fully discharged batteries can be recharged with 220 V at 16 amps in about an hour.

Twike will be registered under a brand new Vermont law that covers electrically powered enclosed motorcycles under 1,500 lbs.; no helmet or motorcycle license will be required.


Cushman builds Industrial and Commercial transports. Most are boxy-looking and slow (like the Bellhop pictured above). However, the expected Cushman ZEV is a 3-Wheel, 40 m.p.h. city commuter. Standard features include speedometer, horn, turn signals, stop/tailights, heater/defogger, rear view mirrors, self-adjusting hydralic brakes and a covered steel cargo box.

Here's their corporate introduction:

In an era of so-so service and sacrificed quality, it's nice to know that there's still a company that does, in fact, "make them like they used to." When you stop to consider that we've been making commercial and industrial utility vehicles since the turn of the century, you'll understand why the Cushman name is synonymous with strength and reliability. From vehicles that powered the allies in World War II to our present fleet of industry-leading personnel and burden carriers, Cushman products are built to last.

P.O. Box 82409
Lincoln, NE 68501-2409
Fax: (402) 474-8700
For assistance in locating your authorized Cushman Dealer, call 1-800-228-4444.


How much car do humans really need? The CityEL may be the answer.

This unique vehicle offers pollution-free and stress-free mobility for times when a full-sized car is unnecessary. For example, commuting to work and everyday shopping. With the CityEL, you can comfortably bridge the few miles up to the next transit station. Bring your child to school in the morning. Leave your full-sized car in the garage until you really need it.

Dramatic efficiency increase in the new CityEl.
The new FactFour requires only 3,5 to 5 kWhs on 100km as opposed to the 7 to 9 kWhs with the old model. A more efficient electric motor avoids abusing the batteries. The capacity of lead acid batteries is much reduced at high discharge currents. An inefficient electric motor requires more current for the same performance. When the battery delivers that higher discharge current, we get fewer watt-hours from the battery. Therefore, the new CityEl with the better drive is called FactFour - because it uses half the electric power consumption, range is doubled, and the lifespan of the batteries is doubled.

Priced about $10,000 to $13,000
IndustriestraBe 5-9
D-97239 Aub GERMANY
Phone: 049(0) 93 35/97 17 -0
Fax: 049(0) 93 35/97 17 28
For assistance in translating from the German, look up "CityEl" with Google and selecting the "[Translate this page]" option.

Here are useful legal and technical notes from an owner:

I bought LEMN WEJ through a private sale from someone who had already registered and insured (with State Farm) the vehicle as a motorcycle.

Craig Childers (dev at dcn.org -- Davis Electric Vehicles) has several CityEls for sale. Craig is also your resource for parts, including tires. Craig and I are finding it difficult to find a source in Europe to help us get new tires into the US. Maybe we can talk to Pete Senkowsky again regarding a potential trip to Germany to bring some back here?

Some time back, I looked into what it would take to import vehicles into the country and generally, you use a registered importer. NHTSA maintains a list. On it, JK Technologies LLC has some motorcycles pending approval, so maybe they can be a good starting point. Another NHTSA list identifies companies handling only motorcycles and scooters. Here's their FAQ page. We may find this section helpful which covers the general rules regarding
Vehicle Importation and Certification Requirements.

Araco Corporation COMS

Another new player in the PEV market is Araco Corporation with this interesting single-person electric vehicle which can be used for running personal errands, as campus transport or on resorts. The Japanese company says it has sold several hundred since it introduced the vehicle in Japan. Top speed is 50km/hr.

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