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Commute Cars

Ready-to-Drive Kits

Faster speeds, longer ranges, and full enclosures make these Commute EVs a practical choice for commuters.

Due to a very high threshold imposed by U. S. Government safety rules, most commuter LEVs employ the three-wheel loophole. Legally, a vehicle with only three wheels is considered a motorcycle. As such, safety requirements are minimal. So much so that California's Governor Schwarzenegger - when involved in an accident while driving his child around in a motorcycle sidecar (i.e. a three-wheeled vehicle) - was not cited for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Other good news about being a "motorcycle" is that insurance (PL & PD) is substantially reduced.

Four-wheeled vehicles are sometimes sold as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) with a sold-as maximum speed of 25 mph that can be modified to go faster. Although technically illegal in most states, these LEVs can be tempting to those who are willing to push the legal and cultural envelope. In these times when reducing our carbon footprint is critical to our future, such revolutionary steps may be called forth.

Commute EVs are available as factory-manufactured ready-to-drive vehicles and kits that you can build yourself.

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