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Repairing Electric Scooters and Bikes

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If you've decided to have someone fix your electric scooter or bike, your options include:

  • your local LEV retailer may do repairs;
  • check our list of quality repair shops.
  • check other types of electric motor shops such as sew/vacuum shops, automobile electric shops, etc.

List of Quality Repair Shops:

(Call first to check if they repair your brand of scooter/bike.)

  • EVdeals, 9 South Street - Plainville, MA 02762, Phone: (508) 695-3717, Fax: (508) 643-0233.
  • Light Electric Vehicle Technologies, Inc., Pocatella, Idaho, 208-478-5388 (voice), 208-232-3717 (Fax), LEVTusa@aol.com
  • Electro Repairs and Service, San Carlos, CA 94070, 408/262-8975 (call for appointment)

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