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Rayos Electric Bike: Best Buys in Complete E-bikes

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Rayos (formerly ElecTrec) Electric Bike

Here's the next big step in electric bike price/performance. Imagine a bike similar to the well-regarded pre-2006 Currie bike with a full suspension frame, a better battery system, a motorcycle-style kickstand, better drive system, and superior quality throughout!

Like the Currie, the Rayos has a lot of torque, independent human and electric drive systems, and a drive system that freewheels when not in use. The electronics shut the motor off at 80% battery discharge to avoid a full discharge (which really shortens the life of lead-acid batteries). The Rayos is an 8-speed bike that uses standard bike parts. Seats, handlebars, brakes and other non-electric parts can be found at a supercenter or bike store. Electric parts can be obtained from Rayos dealers or the manufacturer.

The 2008 Rayos succeeds the highly popular ElecTrec and LashOut bikes. Improvements over the LashOut include:

  • a high-end 600-watt MAC Hi-Torque Brushless Motor that climbs hills and accelerates very well.
  • a 14 amp-hour 24-volt battery system for extended range.
  • a direct-drive freewheeling propulsion system with oversized bearings for reliability.
  • sealed bottom bracket.
  • improved front suspension(107mm travel).
  • and 8-Speed Shimano Altus Derailleur with protector.
Click here for a copy of ElecTrec Electric Bike Manual in PDF format.
Click here for detailed photos and tips of the Lashout, a predecessor to the Rayos.

Rayos (click for more info from the manufacturer). Available from:

Many, if not most, trailers connect to the rear axle. On the Rayos bike, the elevated motor position allows these trailers to connect to the bike. One notable exception is the Burley Trailers. You'll need their "alternative hitch" because the regular one wants to attach where the motor is!

If you ever want to upgrade performance, Powerpack Motors offers high performance brushless motors that are compatible with the Rayos electric bikes. Their state-of-the-art 750 watt BMC brushless DC motor uses a heavy-duty external controller. The motor is about the same size as the stock 600-watt motor, but without the controller circuitry inside. Instead, with the controller circuitry external to the motor, the motor can operate at a much higher output without overheating. The controller will operate at 24V, 36V or 48V:

  • At 24V, the motor runs slightly slower then the stock motor.
  • At 36V, the motor runs faster than stock, 22-23 mph, with much better acceleration & hill climbing.
  • At 48V, the motor runs much faster then stock, 25+ mph, with solid acceleration and surprising hill climbing.

In most locations, the 36V & 48V bikes would not be legally classified as a bicycle. In some locations, a drivers license would be required. The bike might also need to be registered as a Mo-Ped. There are two methods of modification: replacing the original 12Ah batteries with 8Ah batteries in the original case and 2) adding a customized "extender" battery which adds 20 lbs. to the bike. Neither of these are stock configurations, and both void all warranties from Rayos.

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