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How SLA Batteries Work

When you charge your battereies, you fill up the storage plates with as many electrons as possible, much like filling up your car's gas tank. Gradually, when the batteries age, or are not porperly cared for, the "tank" capacity gets smaller due to sulfation (rust). The older the batteries get, the less capacity they hold - leading to less and less range and ride time. Stored electrons help the battery fight against sulfating (rusting). Partially or totally empty batteries allow the sulfating process to damage the energy storage plates. So, SLA batteries need to be kept at a full charge when not in use. If left partially discharged for any length of time without a full charge, the battery cells will be damaged. Recharge promptly after each use and, when storing for extended time, recharge every month.

Signs that you may need to replace your batteries:

  • Shorter ride time than normal.

  • Less power while riding than when your scooter/bike was new.
  • Power cut-out (due to low voltage) much sooner than when your scooter/bike was new.
  • Dead batteries fully charge too quickly.
  • Unable to fully charge batteries, i.e. the charger never stops charging even after 12 hours.

Save money by buying your electric scooter/bike batteries online. Most scooters and bikes use one of the three following SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) battery sizes.

12V / 18Ah battery (also rated 17-, 20-, 22-Ah)

Used in:

Zappy (Classic), Zappy 2, Rad2Go E-10 (2), Hot Scoot (2)
Currie Tsunami (2), GT Tsunami (2), Mongoose Fusion (2), and Schwinn X-Cel (2)
ZAP ElectriCruizers and kits (both DX and SX versions)

When your scooter/bike has two batteries, always replace both batteries at the same time.


    Length: 7.13" Height: 6.54"
    Width: 2.99" Weight: 13 lbs.

12V / 12Ah battery
Used in pairs on:

City Bug, Numo Chameleon, Zappy Turbo, Z-Lightning SE
Currie Electro Drive (and USPD) electric kits and bikes: men's E-Cruiser, E-Ride
ZAP PowerBike (belt-drive)

Always replace both batteries at the same time.


  • Length: 5.95"

  • Width: 3.86"
  • Height: 3.70" (3.94" including terminals)
  • Weight: 9 lbs.

Quality of batteries varies. B&B brand gets high praise for their BP 1212 This is their standard battery. They also offer a more expensive E series which has the same output performance but a cycle life that's 25% longer.

12V / 10Ah battery
Used in pairs on:

Cap'n Billy's Whiz Bang, GT TrailZ, Mongoos Cosmic, Schwinn New Frontier
Currie Flyer, GT Asteroid, Mongoose Impact, Schwinn Zone 5
Currie F-18, GT Shockwave, Mongoose Hornet, Schwinn F-18
Xport SLX, HCF 707, Pacelite, Powercat Tiger, Z-Lightning
Currie electric bikes: step-through kits and bikes (E-Folder, women's E-Cruiser)

Always replace both batteries at the same time.


    Length: 5.95" Width: 2.58"
    Height: 4.5" Weight: 7.5 lbs.

Purchase batteries from:
- your local retailer
- ThunderStruck Motors (west coast) Scroll to the bottom for the scooter/bike batteries
- EVdeals (east coast)
- or an online dealer such as ...

RECYCLE YOUR USED BATTERIES! Be responsible and a friend to the environment. Lead is toxic and should never go into the garbage. Call 1-800-8-BATTERY for information on recycling your used Lead Acid batteries or go to the RBRC website at www.rbrc.org for additional information.

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