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Kits to Convert Bikes to Electric: BMC Hubs

Hub motor kits power the bike using a hub motor built into the bicycle wheel.

  • BMC offers a light (10 lbs) brushless planetary gear hub motor kit. This hub is reliable, quiet, efficient and affordable.

    Choose from 4 models:

    Rear V4-T High-Torque for $538
    Front and Rear V4-C Cruise-Speed for $598
    Rear V4-S High-Speed for $648 (Over 40mph @48V/26"WB).

    Motor Prices Starting at $538
    The powerful BMC V4 has raised the bar--one of the best hubs on the planet.
    V4 now comes in three windings: high-torque, cruiser-speed, and high-speed.
    The new V4T can handle 1500W, V4C 1750W, and V4S 2000W CONTINUOSLY (not just peak). Yet V4 still remains same size and weight as V2, only 10% more efficient. If you want the best hub, just stay with BMC--over 30 years of motor design experience. And at Electro Ride we try to have the best prices for this top of the line motor kit. (See our low price guarantee below).

    Thicker axles, larger gauge wiring, disc brake compatibility front and rear, total free-wheeling, light weight, and several models and windings. It is all here.
    BMC offers the best price-to-performance value in the market!
    Start By Selecting One of the Six BMC Motor Models:

    Now Configure Your Motor System Using Drop Down Menus Below:
    Controller: Throttle:
    Wheel Build: Freewheel:

    *DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE NUTS on the AXLE! This WILL strip the axle bolts.
    *Wheel build cost includes labor, double wall 36 hole Rhyno Lite rim, and Sapim 13 gauge spokes custom cut by Phil Wood.
    *Re-true spokes (if necessary) within the first 200 miles of use to ensure long lifetime of ANY wheel build.
    *Freewheels all come with 11T for max pedal assist speed. For even higher pedal assist speed consider Schlumpf 60T or 65T front chain ring.
    *We have fit all rear frames so far with 8, 9, and even 10 speed freewheels. If needed, a simple washer may be used to create more space for larger freewheels.
    *Several washers come with BMC hubs including torque washers. Put washers wherever needed to align canti or disc brakes to your rim or hub.
    *Torque arms are required for safety in front hubs. Rear hubs should not require torque arms.
    *NEVER mount controllers inside a bag or box. BMC controllers have fins on them so they can be air cooled and they are sealed to protect them from the elements.
    *Range estimate for batteries assumes a safe 70% depth discharge, NO PEDAL assist, and level terrain. Pedaling will increase range.
    *We UNDERESTIMATE the range on purpose. Maximum range should be determined by monitoring Volts and Amps Hours on the Cycle Analyst, not miles.
    *Take only short trips for first few charge cycles. Batteries that are new or have not been used for a while are unbalanced, so a "break in" period will increase performance and lifetime.
    Battery: Charger:
    Wire Harness: CycleAnalyst:
    Torque Arm (Front hub):

    Now make your selection of preferences and accessories.
    Spoke Color: Rim Color:
    Thorn Resist Tube: Kevlar Tire:

    Below are components of the selected kit configuration. You can click on each thumbnail for more information.

    Price: ) (Free Shipping) Weight:

    NOTE: Click on Graph Below for A Larger Image. Graph above assumes one motor, double thrust and power for dual motors.

    Restocking fee of 10% will be applied to cancelled orders. Restocking fee of 20% for the battery portion of the order only. Exchanges may be exempt from this fee depending on situation.
    To maintain our policy of "lowest price guaranteed" for BMC, prices are subject to change without notice. Please refresh your browser to ensure you have the latest prices if you have visited our page before.

    If you have any questions on ordering BMC you can use this email: electroride@gmail.com
    BMC Motor Kit Warranty